Losing Winter Weight the Right Way

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According to Johns Hopkins University, the average person gains five to seven pounds during the winter months. Since 3500 calories equals one pound of fat, the average person consumes an extra 17,500-24,500 calories in winter. Why We Gain Weight in Winter There is a biological reason we are hungrier in winter, and it is probably not because our bodies need … Read More

How Physiotherapy Benefits Women

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It’s undeniable that physiotherapy is powerfully beneficial for certain people. For example, those who’ve sustained injuries, want to build strength, or hope to slow down the aging process will find that physiotherapy will help them meet their goals. These individuals include both males and females. Physiotherapy benefits men and women in similar and unique ways. This post highlights how physiotherapy … Read More

Physiotherapy Can Motivate You to FINALLY Get Fit

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How many people do you know who are currently trying to lose weight and/or build muscle? If you’re like most individuals, a fairly high percentage of your friends, family members, and acquaintances are in this boat. Perhaps you are, too. It’s sobering to observe the majority of people failing at losing weight and getting fit. Thankfully, you don’t have to … Read More

Maximize Nutrition with Fresh Summer Produce

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There is no better time than summer to give your diet a makeover. Why? Because of this favored season’s abundance of fresh produce. It’s rarely easy to swap out candy bars and fast foods for fruits and veggies, but it’s doable when the produce is as fresh, delicious, and flavorful as it is in the summer months. Why Your Body … Read More

Amazing Acupuncture: How It Can Help You

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Acupuncture is a truly amazing therapy. Not only is it drug-free, safe and effective, it is also multi-beneficial. Although most people know what acupuncture is, few understand how it can benefit them. Are you aware of the myriad of ways in which acupuncture can boost your health? Prevention published an article, Your Body on Acupuncture, which explains exactly what acupuncture … Read More

Physiotherapy Can Help You Physically AND Mentally

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What benefits do you believe a person can reap from physiotherapy? Better posture? Decreased back pain? Recovery from injury? While physiotherapy can certainly help a person in these physical ways, it can also benefit someone mentally and emotionally. The Physical Benefits of Physiotherapy As mentioned above, physiotherapy is a powerful treatment for physical conditions. The Ontario Physiotherapy Association says, “Physiotherapy … Read More