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Our Winnipeg telehealth physiotherapy services provide you with safe, quality remote patient care — including online, live video tele-rehabilitation sessions with experienced physiotherapists, from the comfort of your home.

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Remote Care with Your Winnipeg Physiotherapist

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Whether you are currently in recovery, find yourself with new injuries due to the stresses of working from home, or are unable to access in-person appointments, our telehealth physiotherapy services are here to help. Using virtual communication technologies, including your computer, tablet or smartphone, you will have direct remote access to your tele-rehab physiotherapist via live video conferencing, direct phone calls, and more.

Don’t let social distancing interfere with your recovery! We know accidents still happen, slip and falls remain a risk and new sedentary lifestyles can introduce new aches and pains. We are here to keep you on track, keep you progressing in your rehabilitation, and get you feeling the best you can feel, regardless of the circumstances. Contact us for an assessment of a new injury or for follow-up physiotherapy treatments and guidance.

What You Can Expect in a Tele-Rehab Appointment

For a New Assessment:

After a thorough subjective and objective examination the physiotherapist will provide:

  • A working diagnosis for the injury
  • Education for the patient regarding the injury
  • Discussion regarding strategies to manage the current injury or pain, including activities they should or should not be doing
  • Home exercise program including pain management strategies, relaxation techniques, stretching, strengthening, etc., as the physiotherapist sees fit

For Follow-up Appointments:

During tele-rehabilitation follow-up appointments:

  • The physiotherapist will ask for an update on current symptoms, function, activity level, etc.
  • The physiotherapist will look at functional movements as well as the current exercise program
  • The physiotherapist will provide ongoing education to patients
  • The physiotherapist will progress the exercise programs as they see fit and ensure the patient understands and is comfortable with the new information and program

Have questions about how physiotherapy tele-rehab or tele-health appointments can work for you? Click here to call or email us.

Tele-rehabilitation Physiotherapy FAQ

What is tele-rehabilitation?

Tele-rehab, often referred to as telehealth, is the remote delivery of physiotherapy services using virtual communication technologies (including but not restricted to video conferencing, internet or telephone).

Will I get good quality care?

Expect to receive the same safe, quality care that you would get during an in-person visit. Physiotherapists are expected to meet the same Standards of Practice regardless of how the services are delivered.

Will my insurance cover telerehabilitation physiotherapy services?

We direct bill to a number of insurance providers that are set up to cover tele-rehabilitation.

  • Manitoba Blue Cross
  • Canada Life (Great West Life)
  • Manitoba Public Insurance
  • Workers Compensation Board of Manitoba – until April 26, 2020

Other providers we do not direct bill to, but will provide a paid invoice to submit for reimbursement include:

  • Sunlife

Check with your insurance provider to see if coverage for virtual rehabilitation service is accepted.

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