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Neurological Physiotherapy


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ELITE Sports Injury


Our Transcona physiotherapy clinic, located in Park City Commons (off Ravelston Ave. W) at Unit 3 – 1480 Plessis Road Winnipeg, provides physiotherapy and sports injury services, including telehealth and neurological physiotherapy services to a wide range of individuals; from professional athletes, to recreational players, to patients with injuries covered by WCB and MPI.

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After a thorough physiotherapy assessment, we will provide you with an individualized treatment program to optimize your recovery. Our physiotherapists will work with you in not only how to recover from your current injury, but also in how to prevent injuries in the future.

Along with our Bridgwater, St Vital, St James and Downtown Winnipeg physiotherapy facilities, our physiotherapists at our Winnipeg Transcona location provide treatment of back, neck, sports, muscle, and joint injuries through:


  • Neurological Physiotherapy
  • Sports Injury Rehab
  • WCB and MPI related injuries
  • Pre and post surgical rehab
  • Repetitive strain injuries
  • Neck and back pain
  • Reconditioning programs

Massage Therapy

Like acupuncture, we use massage therapy to complement your treatment plan. Massage therapy can be used in the treatment of both acute and chronic conditions, and benefits people of all ages.

Studio Classes

Incorporate mobility-based studio classes into your daily life to restore your body’s natural ability to move. Repair your joints and soft tissue, improve range of motion and blood flow efficiency, and gain better motor control for optimized performance.

Unlock the full range of athletic potential – move better, recover faster, reduce risk of injury.

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Infrared Sauna

Our infrared sauna is a unique tool as it can aid in both facilitating recovery as well as improving athletic performance. The recovery benefits include muscle pain relief, improved circulatory function and improved sleep quality. Performance benefits include increased endurance and improved tolerance to an increase in training intensity.

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The Right Partners

Elite Sports Injury physiotherapy clinics work as a team with the physicians at Legacy Sports Medicine, orthotics experts at Performance Healthware, and the specialized fitness trainers at Elite Performance to bring you the most effective rehabilitation, strength and training programs in Winnipeg.

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