Strong Strides: ACL Rehabilitation Group Program

Return to sport or active living safer, stronger, and better than ever!

Our comprehensive and research informed group rehabilitation program is designed to help individuals with knee injuries, including ACL injuries, meniscus injuries, other traumatic knee injuries, and postoperative rehabilitation. 

The Strong Strides: ACL Rehabilitation Group Program by Elite Sports Injury integrates the principles of rehabilitation with strength and conditioning to optimize your outcomes and get you back to the activities that you love. 

Find support, a sense of camaraderie, and accountability in being part of our programs

"This class gives participants the opportunity to interact with other patients that are preparing to return to play and provides a real strong sense of teamwork. We have found this to be very effective in assisting athletes as they prepare to return into the team setting from which they have been away due to their ACL rehabilitation. Many patients have benefitted from this program format, and I strongly recommend this endeavor in Winnipeg."


The Strong Strides program is a 6-week program, consisting of twice weekly exercise sessions led by a physiotherapist and our experienced support team. Each of the twelve one-hour sessions will have participants working through an evidence-based exercise program to address the deficits that are commonly seen with knee injuries. Our injury prevention program also utilizes validated testing equipment and protocols to help ensure individuals can remain up to date on their individual progress throughout their rehabilitation journey.  This allows participants to make an informed decision to return to the sports and activities that are important to them. 

Research shows:

  • With every 1% increase in quads strength, risk for re-injury decreases by 3%
  • Pivoting sport athletes who pass specific criteria prior to return to sport have 4–6 times lower risk for re-injury
  • Athletes who pass Return to Sport testing have 84% lower re-injury rate. 

What to expect from Strong Strides: ACL Rehabilitation Group Program:

Strong Strides consists of multiple levels that are appropriate to suit any individual's needs, regardless of where they are on their rehabilitation journey. 

Levels 1 and 2: Appropriate for anyone looking to improve their confidence with lifting weights and incorporating necessary strength and conditioning work into their rehabilitation plan. Level 1 will teach safe and effective strength training principles and Level 2 will introduce more advanced principles for individuals looking to push themselves towards specific goals or hoping to return to sport in their future. 

Level 3: Designed to incorporate advanced skills and drills for return to higher risk activities and sports. This level will teach individuals how to maintain their strength and introduce more dynamic movements such as sprinting (acceleration and deceleration), jumping, lateral movements and change of direction skills. 

We mark and test your progress during each level and we use this data to create a plan that aids your progress towards your goals.

The Goal: Return to sport or active living safer, stronger, and better than ever with group training sessions with our physiotherapists and strength & conditioning specialists.

  • Return to sports or activity specific progressions and research informed testing methods to help reduce risk of re-injury. 
  • Implementation of strength, power, and agility training throughout different phases of the program. 
  • Each program will include education, a training program, fitness testing, and an individualized progress report.
  • State of the art equipment with physiological (VO2 Max) and metabolic testing to maximize conditioning / muscle growth & recovery, minimize loss of conditioning.
  • Education on quality of movement.
  • An affordable option compared to individualized programs. This program may be eligible for coverage by extended health benefits plans or can be a great transition from where insurance left off. 

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Next program session dates:

• April 15 - May 27
• Monday/Thursday, 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
• May 20th is a holiday; testing will take place on May 23 & 27