What is Dry Needling?

Dry needling is like a reset button for your muscles. It helps to quickly relax tight muscles, improve blood flow, decrease pain and improve functional movement.

Dry needling is a neurophysiological evidence-based treatment technique that requires effective manual assessment of the neuromuscular system. Our certified physiotherapists at Winnipeg’s Elite Physiotherapy clinics are well trained to utilize dry needling to complement other physiotherapy interventions like manual therapy, patient education and corrective exercise prescription.

Dry needling uses fine needles to stimulate myofascial trigger points and functional anatomy. Trigger points are small, tight areas of muscle located within a larger muscle group that are known to “trigger” or refer pain to distant parts of the body. Dry needling works by stimulating the selected trigger point and functional anatomy to release the tightened muscle resulting in pain relief and increased muscle function. Your physiotherapist may briefly piston the needle up and down before removal or use electrical stimulation on the needles to achieve these treatment goals.

Dry needling can treat a variety of pain, both acute and chronic. It may be used as part of your customized and comprehensive treatment plan to effectively manage conditions like neck and back pain, strains and sprains, nerve injuries and many more.

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Recovery for all levels

Elite specializes in injury recovery for all sports and levels of athlete. Our team facilitates rapid access to complete recovery. Frequently, we see patients within a day or two of their physician exam when return to full function is critical. We immediately address acute swelling, pain and compensatory issues and initiate a home program to maintain strength and motion.

Your Part

In order to ensure a successful treatment and speed recovery, you need to be fully committed to your treatment plan. Your time in the clinic is only part of the process. The exercises and perhaps changes in your own behavior are a crucial part of your plan. We know how your body works; we may identify an underlying weakness, poor posture, work habits, or other factors that contribute to the problem.