ELITE is an active, exercise-based Winnipeg physiotherapy clinic that is driven to get you back to your active, healthy lifestyle.

We provide physiotherapy treatment and massage therapy for neuromusculoskeletal injuries including sports injury, back and neck pain, pre and post-surgery, reconditioning programs, as well as WCB and MPI related injuries. Founded in 1997, we have four physiotherapy clinic locations to serve you in Winnipeg: Bridgwater, Downtown Winnipeg, the Courts of St. James, and St. Vital.

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What We Do

Pre‐habilitation to prepare athletes for surgery.

Acute injury therapy to manage pain and minimize compensation.

Post‐operative recovery to return to competition and work/school.

Our Approach

An integral part of the success of the Elite Sports Injury Centres is our focus on a comprehensive range of care, including pre‐habilitation. Whenever possible, we train our patients to achieve best possible fitness and movement skills before surgery to shorten the recovery duration.

Our Approach

An integral part of the success of the Elite Sports Injury Centres is our focus on a comprehensive range of care. People interested in enhancing their daily lives, bettering athletic performance, or decreasing their risk for absenteeism from work should contact Elite Sports Injury Physiotherapy Centres. Or, if you’ve been injured playing your favourite sport, on the job, or in an accident, we can help.

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Recovery for all levels

Elite specializes in injury recovery for all sports and levels of athlete. Our team facilitates rapid access to complete recovery. Frequently, we see patients within a day or two of their physician exam when return to full function is critical. We immediately address acute swelling, pain and compensatory issues and initiate a home program to maintain strength and motion.

Your Part

In order to ensure a successful treatment and speed recovery, you need to be fully committed to your treatment plan. Your time in the clinic is only part of the process. The exercises and perhaps changes in your own behavior are a crucial part of your plan. We know how your body works; we may identify an underlying weakness, poor posture, work habits, or other factors that contribute to the problem.