4 Reasons Physiotherapists Love Foam Rolling

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“Should I try foam rolling?” In the past couple of years, lots of people have asked themselves and their doctors this very question. Depending upon whether or not the practice was appropriate for them health-wise, many individuals received a positive answer. It’s not at all uncommon for a healthcare practitioner to recommend foam rolling to his or her patients. Physiotherapists, … Read More

Physiotherapy Helps Stroke Survivors Thrive

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Those who have suffered a stroke are often referred to as survivors. This is an accurate description of such individuals. However, stroke victims don’t want to merely survive their lives; they want to thrive in them. The good news is that they can. With the right team and the right attitude, these brave individuals can go from surviving to thriving. … Read More

Optimize Your Physiotherapy Results with Good Nutrition

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Do you currently participate in a physiotherapy program? Perhaps you’ve recently had surgery and are working with a physiotherapist toward full recovery. Or, maybe you are one of thousands who deal with chronic pain and are seeking relief through physiotherapy. No matter what type of physiotherapy program you are involved in or what reason you have sought it out, you … Read More

3 Ways to Stick With Your Physiotherapy Home Program

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If you’re like most physiotherapy patients, you have a home program that your physiotherapist expects you to stick to. Although it requires persistence, dedication and time, a home program is essential to your meeting whatever therapy goals you may have. Despite the importance of a home program, only about 35 percent of physiotherapy patients follow theirs. Do you? Is Recovery … Read More

Physiotherapy Speeds up the Recovery Process

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Pain can be annoying, especially when it won’t go away. Have you ever struggled with an ache or pain that doesn’t heal? It is one thing to grit your teeth and get over a momentary blow, but when the same pain emerges over and over again, something needs to be done. Most of us can probably remember a time when … Read More

How Mature Athletes Prevent and Respond to Injury

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Aging athletes often feel young at heart. Unfortunately, if your youthful energy drives your activities, it can be challenging for your body to keep up. When injuries arise and refuse to heal quickly, you might feel your age again, if not older. Often times, accompanying this sensation is a looming question: “Will this ever heal?” It is possible for a … Read More

Physiotherapy before joint surgery

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We get this question a lot: “Why should I come to physiotherapy if I am going to have surgery anyway?” Or we get people who stated that they “Wasted 3 months of recovery time because they did not get the joint surgery when they should have.” So today we are going to clear up why physiotherapy before joint surgery is … Read More

Nutrition and Injury Recovery

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As physiotherapists and wellness experts we know the importance of nutrition and injury recovery, but unfortunately most of our patients do not. Your body gets all of its building blocks to rebuild injured parts from what we have stored in our bodies. So when all you are eating is a diet of Big Macs with a large fry and Coke, … Read More