How Mature Athletes Prevent and Respond to Injury

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Aging athletes often feel young at heart. Unfortunately, if your youthful energy drives your activities, it can be challenging for your body to keep up. When injuries arise and refuse to heal quickly, you might feel your age again, if not older. Often times, accompanying this sensation is a looming question: “Will this ever heal?”

It is possible for a mature athlete to heal from an injury, just as it is for the youthful athlete. However, the recovery period often takes longer and the potential for complications or muscle weakness increases. By taking steps to prevent injury and getting prompt treatment when an injury occurs, you too can enjoy the same activities you did in your youth.

Preventing Injury

Taking preventative measures is necessary to avoid diseases and lessen the risk of bodily injuries. Many of the aches, pains, and accidents people experience when exercising are preventable. This is true for athletes of all ages.

For instance, guidelines for warming up prior to working out apply to those who are 15 and 65. We all need to start slowly, warming up the muscles. This can be accomplished by taking a brisk stroll for a few minutes before starting your exercise program. Once the muscles are warm, gentle stretching of the major muscles and joints will get your body ready for the activity you have planned.

Responding to Injury

If you have already sustained an injury, there is hope for healing. A physiotherapist can assist you in your healing process and help you remain active while you travel the road to recovery. Therapies and prescribed exercises will also prevent further injuries at later points in time.

As a mature athlete, it is important to address injuries properly and immediately. Working with a physiotherapist is ideal if you’ve sustained an injury because you are at a higher risk for further injury or complications. A physiotherapist will also be able to help you adjust your activities and warm ups to your individual ability level.

Many types of injuries occur in athletes of all ages. While strains, sprains, tears, and pulled muscles happen all the time, these injuries ought to be treated promptly. More so, every athlete should be conscientious of taking preventative measures to avoid injury.

A mature athlete can heal from injuries just like a young athlete can. Healing times will vary depending on injury, age, other physical problems, and the course of therapy chosen. As always, with any condition prevention is preferred to treatment. It is advisable that you always warm up thoroughly before any physical exercise program.  If you have sustained an injury your physiotherapist can help you safely get back to your active, young-at-heart lifestyle.

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