How Physiotherapy Improves Incontinence

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Incontinence, which refers to a loss of bladder control, affects over 3.3 million people in Canada. Incontinence is not only a life-altering problem, but it can also be embarrassing. There is no doubt that incontinence majorly interferes daily life, but there is also no doubt that there are effective treatments for this condition. That means individuals who struggle with incontinence, … Read More

Lateral Epicondylalgia/Tennis Elbow: How it is Treated

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illustration of the inside of a human elbow

What is one cause of pain in the boney point at the outside of the elbow? A correct answer is “lateral epicondylalgia,” aka “tennis elbow.” Oddly enough, tennis elbow doesn’t just bother tennis players; in 95 percent of cases, it affects non-athletes. This can be frustrating and confusing to those who have never swung a racquet. They wonder what they’ve … Read More

How Physiotherapists Treat Whiplash

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“How do you get whiplash?” Different people have very different answers to this question. Some people believe whiplash is something everyone who has been in a car accident develops. Some think whiplash isn’t treatable. Others think men are more susceptible to this condition than women. These are all myths. A few other myths about whiplash include… “Rest is the best cure … Read More

Does Your Child Need Physiotherapy?

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“Does my child need physiotherapy?” This is an important question that not enough parents are asking. Why? Probably because most people don’t understand the key role physiotherapy can play in maximizing a child’s health. Amazing Facts About Pediatric Physiotherapy Pediatric physiotherapy is incredibly valuable — it reduces healthcare costs and enriches children’s lives, as well as the lives of their … Read More

“Do I Need Physiotherapy?” Find Out Now!

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Have you ever asked yourself, “Do I need physiotherapy?” If so, you are probably struggling with some type of bodily pain and perhaps desperately seeking a remedy that will give you relief. Whether you’ve tried many treatments or none, today is a good day to find out if physiotherapy could help your condition. What Health Problems Does Physiotherapy Treat? To … Read More

Physiotherapy: a Drug-Free, First-Line Treatment for Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

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Are you tired of dealing with the symptoms of tarsal tunnel syndrome (TTS)? If so, you are not alone. Although tarsal tunnel syndrome is considered rare, there are still a number of people who share in your desire to quell the annoying and sometimes incapacitating symptoms of TTS. Tarsal tunnel syndrome, not to be confused with carpal tunnel syndrome, is … Read More

Fight Stress with Physiotherapy

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“I’m so stressed out about work right now.” “I’ve really been stressing about this relationship.” “With all this stress, sometimes I don’t see how I’m going to get through one more day.” How often do you hear comments like these? Most people routinely discuss the stress in their and others’ lives. Interestingly, stress, a term that was coined in 1936 … Read More

Physiotherapy Can Motivate You to FINALLY Get Fit

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How many people do you know who are currently trying to lose weight and/or build muscle? If you’re like most individuals, a fairly high percentage of your friends, family members, and acquaintances are in this boat. Perhaps you are, too. It’s sobering to observe the majority of people failing at losing weight and getting fit. Thankfully, you don’t have to … Read More