Physiotherapy Treats Pain, Depression, Respiratory Problems

In your opinion, what type of people can physiotherapy benefit? If you’re like most individuals you’ll say, “Those with back pain or chronic pain.” While it is true that physiotherapy is ideal for patients who struggle with various types of pain, this form of therapy can treat a wide variety of patients. Are you a […]

Can Physiotherapy Prevent Osteoporosis?

Invisible illnesses are tricky. Although we can’t see them, they exist and can wreak havoc on a person’s body. Such is the case with osteoporosis, a condition that renders one’s bones weak and brittle. This condition has no symptoms but can be dangerous as it puts a person at risk of breaking bones, especially those […]

Kick Fibromyalgia Pain with Physiotherapy

Pains. Aches. Fatigue. Sleep disturbances. These are all aspects of a condition called fibromyalgia. If you suffer from this issue, you are all too familiar with these frustrations and the limitations they bring. You are probably tired of feeling the general malaise that overtakes most people who have fibromyalgia. Also, you likely wish with all […]

Physiotherapy: a Treatment for Diabetic Neuropathy

Do you have diabetic neuropathy? If so, you are painfully aware of the limitations this condition causes. Diabetic neuropathy occurs when nerves become damaged from high blood sugar levels. There are many symptoms of diabetic neuropathy, but the most common is a feeling of burning/tingling/loss of feeling in the feet and hands. Pain, hypo/hypersensitivity to […]

Prevent Dance-related Injuries with Physiotherapy

If you had to guess, which type of individual would you assume was at greater risk for injury: rugby player or dancer? Believe it or not, a dancer has more of a chance of becoming injured than a rugby player does. Dance may look effortless and easy on the body, but it is not. In […]