Physiotherapy Can Motivate You to FINALLY Get Fit

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How many people do you know who are currently trying to lose weight and/or build muscle? If you’re like most individuals, a fairly high percentage of your friends, family members, and acquaintances are in this boat. Perhaps you are, too. It’s sobering to observe the majority of people failing at losing weight and getting fit. Thankfully, you don’t have to be a part of this population. As long as your fitness goals are reasonable and approved by your physician, there’s no reason why you can’t meet them. All you need is a little motivation to see you through your fitness journey.

Physiotherapy is a GREAT Fitness Motivator

When embarking on a path to fitness, you should first check with your physician. Ask him or her if you are overweight or underweight and if there is any reason you shouldn’t pursue a higher level of fitness. As soon as you get clearance from your doctor, it’s time to find a fitness motivator.

It’s possible that the #1 reason people don’t reach their fitness and weight-loss goals is because they lack long-term motivation. Quite frankly, having a smaller or more muscular body is not enough of an incentive for most people to give up unhealthy habits. What these individuals need is motivation with more meat on its bones (no pun intended). For many, physiotherapy is the perfect fitness motivator. This is because physiotherapy doesn’t just help people lose excess fat and build muscle; it also treats the health problems that make it tough to get in shape.

Physiotherapy May Help You Reach a Healthy Weight

Did you know that physiotherapy helps some people reach their weight-loss goals? If not, you’re not alone. Most people think physiotherapy only treats individuals with chronic pain and other health problems. While it certainly can do this, it also helps people lose excess weight and get in great shape. Physiotherapists facilitate healthy weight loss by expertly crafting workout plans for individuals, then helping motivate them to consistently exercise. Because physiotherapists provide professional expertise AND motivation and accountability, their patients often see significant fitness results.

Get Fit and Treat Health Problems with Physiotherapy 

Physiotherapy encourages fitness, but it also treats health problems like respiratory issues, pain, depression, various injuries, hereditary conditions, arthritis, incontinence, muscle sprains and strains, and muscular imbalances. Sometimes these health problems are at the root of an inability to lose weight.

Will you give up your unhealthy-but-comforting habits to get a smaller body? Maybe, but there’s a good chance you won’t. But, will you give up these habits to have a toned body AND reduced pain, better moods, and increased coordination? There’s a good chance you will.

There are currently about 1.6 billion people worldwide who are overweight. You may be part of this statistic currently, but that can and will change if you seek the right type of motivation and support system. Consider allowing a physiotherapist to help you set and reach fitness goals while you simultaneously receive treatment for health problems like the ones mentioned above. Contact a physiotherapist today to find out more.

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  1. I had no idea that physiotherapy could also help you lose weight. It’s good to know that you can lose weight whether you have chronic pain or not. It may help to meet with a physiotherapist before starting exercise so you know what to expect.

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