Fight Stress with Physiotherapy

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“I’m so stressed out about work right now.”

“I’ve really been stressing about this relationship.”

“With all this stress, sometimes I don’t see how I’m going to get through one more day.”

How often do you hear comments like these? Most people routinely discuss the stress in their and others’ lives. Interestingly, stress, a term that was coined in 1936 by Hans Selye, doesn’t always mean what we think it means. When people talk about being stressed out, very often they are communicating that they are worried, depressed, or nervous. These feelings differ from stress, although they may coincide with it.

What Is Stress?

According to Medical News Today, stress can be defined as “the feeling we have when under pressure.” MNT explained that stress can be good or bad. For example, planning a wedding is stressful, but also exciting. On the other hand, getting a divorce is stressful in a non-redemptive, painful way.

Stressors are things that trigger the feeling of stress. A few common stressors include…

  • Not having enough income
  • Being in a bad relationship
  • Working long hours
  • Keeping emotions bottled up inside
  • Working through past trauma
  • Engaging in unhealthy habits (smoking, eating poorly, not exercising, etc.)
  • Having a health problem

How to Cope With Stress

The feeling of stress is unavoidable. However, it is controllable. A great way to learn to cope with it is to see a licensed counselor. These professionals equip people with the skills they need to effectively deal with the burdens of everyday life. Another way to keep this overwhelming feeling under control is by exercising. The Mayo Clinic staff explained that exercise improves mood, promotes meditation, and increases endorphins, all of which lower stress levels. The Mayo Clinic’s article Stress Management says, “Virtually any form of exercise, from aerobics to yoga, can act as a stress reliever. If you’re not an athlete or even if you’re out of shape, you can still make a little exercise go a long way toward stress management.”

Can Physiotherapy Relieve Stress?

One form of therapy that most people never consider for combating stress is physiotherapy. Physiotherapy attacks stress in two ways: 1) by causing patients to become more physically active, and 2) by alleviating chronic pain and health issues.

Having a health problem is one of the most upsetting things we can experience. There is nothing quite like the emotional dis-ease caused by physical disease. Physiotherapy treats an array of health conditions that can stress a person out in unbelievable ways. It is often used to treat many types of pain, arthritis, respiratory problems, patients in rehab programs, cancer-related problems, and many other health concerns.

Physiotherapy could decrease the amount of stress in your life by eradicating or easing your health problems and getting you more active. Contact a physiotherapist today to learn more about how this form of therapy might specifically help you get stress under control.



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