The Role of Physiotherapy in Total Knee Replacement (TKR) Rehab

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X RAY of a knee

Let’s face it: rehabilitating from total knee replacement can be tough. It is often a long, slow process that offers few rewards in the beginning stages. Physiotherapy plays a key role in total knee replacement (TKR) rehab. In fact, complete recovery from TKR may not be possible without the intervention of physiotherapy. When Does Physiotherapy Start After a TKR? Usually, … Read More

Why You Should Get Pre-operative Physiotherapy Rehab

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Getting pre-operative physiotherapy rehabilitation can be one of the best decisions a person can make for his or herself prior to undergoing a major surgery. Pre-operative physiotherapy rehab packs a powerful punch of benefits that many people are totally unaware of. This is probably because not nearly as many people receive physiotherapy rehab before a surgical procedure as they do … Read More

Escaping the Vicious Cycle of Pain

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Fear has been called debilitating, but can fear truly lead to chronic pain and disability? In some cases the answer may be yes. What Does Fear have to do with Pain? A blog post written by physiotherapist Tim Wideman asks, “…why [do] some of my patients with seemingly similar musculoskeletal injuries recover and why [do] others develop chronic pain and … Read More

Physiotherapy before joint surgery

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We get this question a lot: “Why should I come to physiotherapy if I am going to have surgery anyway?” Or we get people who stated that they “Wasted 3 months of recovery time because they did not get the joint surgery when they should have.” So today we are going to clear up why physiotherapy before joint surgery is … Read More

Home Exercise Programs: Why you should listen to your therapist!

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If you have ever been to a physical therapy session your physiotherapist likely gave you a home exercise program, or HEP. A physiotherapist creates home exercise programs specifically for each individual patient given their specific injuries and limitations. This is to be performed anywhere from 3-7 days per week depending on your condition and limitations. The home exercise program is … Read More

Rehabilitation following a meniscus tear

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So your doc said you have a meniscus tear? Ouch! And now you are wondering what rehabilitation will be like. This is going to depend on whether or not you had surgery and how bad the tear is. Small meniscus tears are common and can even heal on their own if in the right place, which is the outside one-third … Read More