3 Ways to Ease Lower Back Pain with Core Strengthening

Having a weak core is common. Many people sit at desks all day and do not get the exercise they need for a strong back and core. As a result, they have poor balance and posture, weakness, and lower back pain. Are you experiencing lower back pain? If so, a weak core and back are […]

4 Exercises To Improve Your Golf Swing

What’s your favorite summertime sport? For a lot of us, it’s golf. And, if there’s one thing that golf enthusiasts are always striving for, it’s a better swing. Luckily, a great swing isn’t necessarily something you’re born with; it can also be cultivated. The first step in creating an awesome golf swing is to build […]

These 3 Habits are Killing Your Posture

Did you know that it only takes about one-tenth of a second to form a first impression of someone? Be it good or bad, that first impression sticks with you forever. Of course, someone can redeem his or herself from the bad first impression that was given, but it takes time. It’s much easier to […]

Is a Weak Core the REAL Cause of Your Lower Back Pain?

A weak core gets blamed for an awful lot – especially lower back pain. While a weak core can indeed trigger pain and irritation in the low back region, it is not always the source of that pain. Read on to find out how a weak core causes back pain, and discover if it is […]

Are You Using Your Stability Ball Correctly?

In the past several years, stability balls, also known as fitness balls, have become wildly popular. There are many good reasons for this. If used correctly, a stability ball can deliver the amazing result of a much stronger core. What are Core Muscles? If you’re like most people, you’ve heard the term “core muscles” being thrown […]

You’re Not Stuck with Neck and Back Pain

Are you one of the thousands of people who deal with neck and back pain? Have you struggled with chronic pain for years? Do you feel like you will never get rid of your aches? If so, here is some amazing news: you are NOT stuck with neck and back pain! Can Physiotherapy Replace Surgery? […]

Prevent Dance-related Injuries with Physiotherapy

If you had to guess, which type of individual would you assume was at greater risk for injury: rugby player or dancer? Believe it or not, a dancer has more of a chance of becoming injured than a rugby player does. Dance may look effortless and easy on the body, but it is not. In […]

Yoga for back pain

Can yoga help to relieve my lower back pain? As physiotherapists we are often asked if yoga will help with lower back pain. While the answer is not exactly black-and-white, a recent study helps to support our typical advice of “YES!”, yoga can certainly help relieve lower back pain. Yoga has been around almost 4000 […]