4 Exercises To Improve Your Golf Swing

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Image courtesy pixabay.com

Image courtesy pixabay.com

What’s your favorite summertime sport? For a lot of us, it’s golf. And, if there’s one thing that golf enthusiasts are always striving for, it’s a better swing. Luckily, a great swing isn’t necessarily something you’re born with; it can also be cultivated. The first step in creating an awesome golf swing is to build up your core muscles.

A Strong Core is the Key to a Great Golf Swing

Golfers who focus heavily on building the muscles in their arms are misinformed about where the power for their swing comes from. LPGA champion Suzann Pettersen said, “The energy for your golf swing comes from the muscles in your torso—not your arms. Your middle needs to be strong and flexible in order to maintain your rotational power.” In other words, the stronger your core is, the stronger your swing will be.

Build Strength in Your Core with These 4 Exercises

Building a strong core is key to improving your golf swing. Here are a few exercises to help you get started:



  • Yoga: Think a golfer can’t also be a yogi? Think again. Yoga is amazingly effective at core strengthening. Also, it is perfect for those who want to better their sense of balance. Since balance is a must-have for a golfer, anyone wanting to improve his or her golf game should give yoga a try.


  • Trunk rotation: An exercise called the trunk rotation is ideal for people who want a more effective, efficient golf swing. The trunk rotation strengthens the abs as well as the ability to rotate easily. You can perform this exercise at home or at the gym. Find out how here.



Golfers tend to be some of the most dedicated-to-their-sport individuals on the planet. This is a good thing since it ensures their abilities will constantly be improved upon. Give one, two, or all of these exercises a try this summer and see if you don’t notice a difference in your swing.



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