The Role of Physiotherapy in Total Knee Replacement (TKR) Rehab

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Let’s face it: rehabilitating from total knee replacement can be tough. It is often a long, slow process that offers few rewards in the beginning stages. Physiotherapy plays a key role in total knee replacement (TKR) rehab. In fact, complete recovery from TKR may not be possible without the intervention of physiotherapy.

When Does Physiotherapy Start After a TKR?

Usually, within 24 hours of awakening from total knee replacement surgery, a physiotherapist will begin helping you utilize your artificial knee. The physiotherapist will provide you with exercises to strengthen the muscles around your new knee. He or she will also teach you how to perform daily tasks like getting in and out of bed, using crutches, using the toilet, and so on.

How to Regain Independence After Total Knee Replacement 

Once you are discharged from the hospital, it’s important that you meet with a physiotherapist at an outpatient clinic who will guide you through the remainder of your post-surgical rehab. More than likely, you will need to meet with a physiotherapist at least a couple of times per week and participate in exercises at home in order to see the progress you desire. Healthline stated,

“If you’ve stayed on your exercise and rehab schedule, you should notice a dramatic improvement in your knee in weeks 4-6. It should display improved flexion (bending) and strength. Your PT may ask you to go on longer walks and wean yourself off of an assistive device. Toward the end of this period, you may be able to go for a half mile or farther on your walks. Ideally, you’ll feel as though you’re regaining your independence. Activities such as cooking, cleaning, and other household chores should be much easier to perform.”

Independence is exactly what you’ll want after a TKR. You can have it, but you’ll have to cooperate with your physiotherapist to regain it.

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A Physiotherapist: Your Best Friend After Total Knee Replacement

When rehabilitating from total knee replacement, a physiotherapist will be your best friend. He or she will play the role of personal trainer, cheerleader, and counselor, offering you tough love all along the way.

Physiotherapists routinely facilitate the process of rehabilitation from total knee replacement and are not surprised by much. They know when to push you, when to ease up, and when it’s time for you to “fly the nest” and cease physiotherapy. Don’t walk the path of recovery from TKR without a physiotherapist you trust by your side every step of the way.

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