Recover from Knee Replacement Surgery with Physiotherapy

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Have you recently had knee replacement surgery? Or, will you be undergoing this type of surgery soon? If so, don’t fear. Although there can be pain involved in the process of knee surgery, the surgery is necessary to ultimately reduce your pain. One way you can lessen your anxiety related to the after effects of surgery is to learn about the role physiotherapy might play in your recovery.

How soon is physiotherapy administered after a total knee replacement (TKR)? Is physiotherapy painful? How can TKR patients ensure quality care after surgery? You’ll find answers to these common questions in this must-read post.

Physiotherapy Promotes Recovery from Knee Replacement Surgery

Why should those who have knee surgery be bothered with undergoing weeks of physiotherapy? Because physiotherapy has the potential to help these individuals make a full recovery from the trauma caused by surgery. For patients who undergo knee surgery, physiotherapy has the potential to:

  • Improve range of motion
  • Decrease pain and swelling
  • Expedite the recovery process

Beyond this, physiotherapists are experts at teaching practical skills for post-surgery living. If you want to recover fully from total knee replacement, physiotherapy is definitely worth discussing with your surgeon. In fact, most surgeons wholeheartedly recommend this safe, effective practice.

Physiotherapy Usually Begins Soon After Surgery

As crazy as it may sound, physiotherapy often begins mere hours after total knee replacement surgery. For example, if your surgery is scheduled for the evening, most likely a physiotherapist will visit you the following morning. Or, if your surgery happens to take place in the morning, you’ll probably see a physiotherapist in the evening.

Physiotherapy is almost always offered to TKR patients while they are in the hospital where they had surgery. However, it is up to a patient to pursue physiotherapy after he or she is discharged from the hospital. A patient interested in continuing to see a physiotherapist should ask his or her surgeon for a referral to a physiotherapy clinic. A person who is unable to travel to a physiotherapy clinic can usually arrange for home physiotherapy sessions.

Is Physiotherapy Painful?

Have you ever heard the old adage, “No pain, no gain”? While this saying is sometimes correct, it is not when it comes to physiotherapy’s effect on someone recovering from knee surgery. Linda Ray of says, “Patients are urged to push slightly past their comfort zone (in physiotherapy), but not to the point of pain.” While post-surgery physiotherapy appointments may not be comfortable, they should not cause excessive pain.

Give Yourself Peace of Mind by Planning Your Post-Surgery Care

The prospect of having knee replacement surgery tends to be stressful for patients. Learning ways to care for yourself after surgery may lessen pre-surgery anxiety. Planning on regularly seeing a physiotherapist is an excellent way to ensure you’ll receive the best care possible after TKR surgery.

Knowing that physiotherapists can help people regain functionality after knee replacement surgery is a great source of comfort for many individuals. Don’t hesitate to contact a physiotherapist before or after your surgery to discuss how he or she can facilitate your total recovery.

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