Can Physiotherapy Put an End to Frequent Back Muscle Strains?

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You know the drill – you spend a day doing slightly strenuous work, like moving boxes or painting your kitchen, and you wake up with a strained back muscle that puts a major cramp in your day. As a result of the strained back muscle, you don’t have full range of motion, or perhaps you’re just in pain. Straining your back muscles over and over is not just painful; it’s also extremely limiting and frustrating!

Has this ever happened to you?

If so, know that there is a solution for people who frequently strain their back muscles. Before we discuss the solution, let’s talk about why this happens in the first place.

What Causes Strained Back Muscles?

There are multiple causes of back muscle strains, such as…

  • Incorrect posture – Believe it or not, poor posture is a huge contributor to back pain. Incorrect posture leads to pressure on the spine, which leads to pain in the back. If you want to eliminate sprains and strains, you must learn proper posture.


  • Muscle fatigue – Do you let your muscles rest and rebuild between workouts? Or, does your job require heavy physical work from you on a daily basis? If so, you might be straining muscles due to muscle fatigue.


There are more causes to muscle strains (such as overstretching) than the ones mentioned here. However, no matter the reason why you frequently strain your back muscles, there is a drug-free treatment that will work for a good amount of individuals: physiotherapy.

Physiotherapy Is the Key to Preventing Strained Muscles

Those who deal with back pain may be surprised to learn that strained muscles heal quickly when they are given the right type of rehabilitation, i.e. physiotherapy. Physiotherapy is a type of therapy that is administered by an individual (a physiotherapist) who has received years of training in how to treat muscular imbalances and many other issues. Physiotherapists design personalized recovery programs for their patients. Common healing modalities that physiotherapists use include heat/ice therapy, soft tissue massage, stretching, strengthening exercises, postural training, and activity modification.

If you are serious about protecting your back muscles from strain and resulting pain, contact a physiotherapist. He or she can help you strengthen your back, attain perfect posture and steer clear of muscle strains, for good.

When you invest your time into physiotherapy, you are investing in yourself!

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