New Year, New You: How to Get a Better Body in 2017

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There is probably not a single person alive who doesn’t wish for a better body. The desire to get into good physical shape is even more pronounced during the New Year. The majority of fitness-themed New Year’s resolutions don’t end up working out, but that doesn’t have to be your story. Read on to learn how to build a better body in 2017.

Get a Better Body by Ditching Perfectionism

You probably won’t get the body you want until you part ways with perfectionism. Perfectionism is a killer of progress. When people demand perfection from themselves, especially when it relates to diet and exercise, they are almost destined to fail. Experience success in this area by giving yourself lots of grace when implementing healthy lifestyle changes. Also, losing the “I’ll start on Monday” mindset is crucial for making strides toward fitness. Perfectionism tells you to wait until next week to get back on the horse. However, progress tells you to forgive yourself for slip-ups and start back with your healthy habits immediately.

Incorporate Resistance Training Into Your Daily Life

To build a great body, you need to do some resistance training. Resistance training, or weight training, packs a powerful host of benefits. Not only does it make your body look better; it also increases your metabolism, flexibility, and balance, and keeps you mentally sharp. An easy way to incorporate resistance training into your daily life is to purchase some resistance bands and learn how to use them. Spend a few minutes gently working out with them during a break at work or a TV commercial at home. This small change can yield significant results.

Let a Physiotherapist Help You Reach Your Weight Loss/Fitness Goals This Year

Do you make the same fitness-related resolutions every New Year without experiencing success? If so, what you need more than anything may be support and guidance. Sometimes people who want to lose weight and get in shape don’t reach their goals because they simply don’t know how. There are various professionals who can help you learn how to get and keep a better body; a physiotherapist is one.

Physiotherapists treat many types of patients, not just those with injuries. A physiotherapist’s clientele often includes those who want to build muscle, lose fat, and feel more comfortable in their own skin. Health-seekers choose to work with physiotherapists because they know that these healthcare providers are experts at understanding human anatomy and designing personalized exercise programs that work. Contact a physiotherapy clinic today to learn more about how a physiotherapist can help you stick with your resolutions for 2017.

Are you willing to ditch perfectionism, incorporate resistance training into your daily life, and seek the support of a physiotherapist or other health professional? If so, this could definitely be the year you build (and maintain) a better body.

Note: Please see a healthcare provider before implementing a new exercise regime.










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