How Physiotherapy Benefits Women

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It’s undeniable that physiotherapy is powerfully beneficial for certain people. For example, those who’ve sustained injuries, want to build strength, or hope to slow down the aging process will find that physiotherapy will help them meet their goals. These individuals include both males and females. Physiotherapy benefits men and women in similar and unique ways. This post highlights how physiotherapy benefits women specifically. Find out how this type of therapy can assist men in upgrading their health here.

Physiotherapy Teaches Women to Make Themselves a Priority

Would you agree that, for the most part, women are the caretakers of home and family? Since they are often busy caring for others, it’s common for them to put their own care on hold. When a woman lets herself go in this way, the lack of self-care can reflect negatively in her health. Physiotherapy can teach a woman who chronically neglects herself to make herself the priority she deserves to be.

Are you aware that over 60 percent of Canadians are overweight or obese? It’s true. The culprits of weight gain are numerous – just one is avoiding exercise. Many women do not exercise because they do not know how to begin or what to do. Also, they need encouragement and accountability in this area. This is where a physiotherapist comes in. Physiotherapists are experts at understanding how the human body functions. They shine at designing exercise programs for a variety of people, including women who want to increase their fitness level. Although a physiotherapist won’t behave like a drill sergeant, he or she will provide the accountability a woman needs to stay on top of her exercise regime. Physiotherapists place a high value on fitness and caring for oneself, making them the perfect candidates to teach women how to adopt this mindset and live it out.

How Physiotherapy Increases a Woman’s Mental Health

Physiotherapy teaches women to make themselves a priority. It also increases their mental health. The Australian Physiotherapy Association’s position statement Mental Health and Physiotherapy states, “Physiotherapists…can offer expertise in prescribing individualized exercise programs, which can improve mood, promote wellbeing, and address co-morbidities associated with mental health diagnoses.” Additionally, it claimed that physiotherapists can offer “expert advice and intervention to address impaired body awareness and reduce dissociation (disconnection from ‘thoughts, feelings, memories or sense of identity’) associated with poor mental health.” Physiotherapy also can increase a woman’s self-confidence and decrease physical pain, which often contributes to diminished mental health.

Have you put your self-care on hold? If so, take the first step toward better mental and physical health by contacting a physiotherapy clinic in your area. If you live near Winnipeg, the therapists at Elite Sports Injury Physiotherapy Clinic would love to hear from you.

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