Amazing Acupuncture: How It Can Help You

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fitness-332278_640Acupuncture is a truly amazing therapy. Not only is it drug-free, safe and effective, it is also multi-beneficial. Although most people know what acupuncture is, few understand how it can benefit them. Are you aware of the myriad of ways in which acupuncture can boost your health?

Prevention published an article, Your Body on Acupuncture, which explains exactly what acupuncture does for the human body. The findings are incredible and reveal that acupuncture…


  • Boosts mood — It is the rare individual who does not deal with dips in his or her mood, at least occasionally. All of us would love to have a stable, happy mood at all times. There’s no promise that acupuncture can deliver such a miracle, but it can reduce depression. Simply receiving weekly acupuncture sessions for about 3 months may yield similar results as would 3 months of counseling.


  • Reduces headaches – Migraines are miserable, plain and simple. Those who suffer with migraines may find relief via electroacupuncture. It can take up to 4 weeks before partial pain relief is attained.


  • Eases allergies – Did you know that weekly acupuncture sessions can ease a person’s allergies? It’s true. In fact, allergy sufferers may be able to reduce their usage of antihistamines after just 12 weeks of acupuncture treatments.


  • Increases quality of sleep – Do you have trouble sleeping? Perhaps you should consider acupuncture, a totally drug-free therapy, as it has been shown to help those who have insomnia to get a better night’s sleep.



Got Pain? Get Acupuncture AND Physiotherapy.

Obviously, acupuncture has incredible effects upon a person’s mental and physical health. And, although acupuncture can certainly be used to treat allergies, sleep issues, depression, and weight problems, it is usually used to treat chronic pain, headaches, acute pain, muscle spasms, and muscle inflammation/tenderness. Acupuncture alone may reduce some aches and pains, but it works best when used in conjunction with a physiotherapy program.

Physiotherapy alone is highly effective at reducing and sometimes eliminating many types of bodily pain. When paired with acupuncture, physiotherapy has the potential to free people from the shackles of severe, chronic pain.

If you regularly experience pain, contact a physiotherapist who offers acupuncture treatments in addition to physiotherapy. This type of healthcare professional will know how to expertly weave these therapies together in a way that will revolutionize your health.



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