Physiotherapy Can Help You Physically AND Mentally

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What benefits do you believe a person can reap from physiotherapy? Better posture? Decreased back pain? Recovery from injury? While physiotherapy can certainly help a person in these physical ways, it can also benefit someone mentally and emotionally.

The Physical Benefits of Physiotherapy

As mentioned above, physiotherapy is a powerful treatment for physical conditions. The Ontario Physiotherapy Association says, “Physiotherapy benefits include decreasing pain, improving joint mobility, increasing strength and coordination and improved cardiorespiratory function. Everyone can benefit from physiotherapy whether you are living with a chronic illness, recovering from a work injury or suffering after that weekend hockey game.” Clearly, physiotherapy is a great treatment for many different types of physical maladies.

Physiotherapy Promotes Mental Health

Believe it or not, physiotherapy can also greatly increase a person’s mental and emotional health. How? By gently and systematically introducing exercise into an individual’s life. Exercise is a fundamental part of physiotherapy, and almost all patients who choose to participate in physiotherapy will exercise more.

The Delhi Psychiatry Journal’s article, Role of Physiotherapy in Mental Health Disorders, states that “there is evidence that exercise is beneficial for mental health: it reduces anxiety, depression, and negative mood, and improves self esteem and cognitive functioning.” Here are a few other examples of how exercise, as practiced within the context of physiotherapy, can benefit someone emotionally and mentally:

— Causes loss of excess weight

— Increases stamina

— Stabilizes weight

— Relieves stress

— Increases energy

Want a Self-confidence Boost? Try Physiotherapy.

Another way physiotherapy can benefit a person’s mental state is by increasing his or her self-confidence. Wouldn’t you agree that setting and reaching goals gives your self-esteem a major boost? Well, in a physiotherapy session, setting and reaching goals is commonplace. A physiotherapist knows exactly how to help patients set and reach physical goals that are appropriately challenging. This can feel difficult, but also exhilarating! Physiotherapy may even give some people a renewed sense of purpose.

Better Physical Health = Better Mental Health

A person’s body and soul are inseparable. When the body suffers, so does the soul. Likewise, when the soul, or the emotional state of a person, is not doing well, it can negatively affect the body. Physiotherapists are experts at correcting physical maladies such as muscular imbalances and body-based pain. The physical treatments administered by a physiotherapist can powerfully shift a person’s mental state for the better.

Do you have physical problems or pain in your body that you think physiotherapy might relieve? Would you like to receive the mental benefits of regular exercise? If so, make it a point to contact a physiotherapist. He or she may be able to put you on the path to body-and-soul wellness.



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