This 100-Year-Old Runner Will Inspire You to Get Fit!

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If there’s one thing people can’t get enough of, it’s inspiration. Just take a moment to peruse platforms like Tumblr, Pinterest, and We Heart It. People are so hungry for visual inspiration that they flock to these sites. In fact, Pinterest alone has a whopping 100 million users. That means there’s an awful lot of inspiring happening on a minute-to-minute … Read More

Physiotherapy Can Motivate You to FINALLY Get Fit

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How many people do you know who are currently trying to lose weight and/or build muscle? If you’re like most individuals, a fairly high percentage of your friends, family members, and acquaintances are in this boat. Perhaps you are, too. It’s sobering to observe the majority of people failing at losing weight and getting fit. Thankfully, you don’t have to … Read More

3 Ways to Get Fit in Time for Spring

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Springtime is just around the corner. Can you believe it? Soon we will trade in dry, cold weather for sunshine, warm winds and blue skies. If you’re like the rest of us, you’ve spent this winter in hibernation, avoiding exercise. It seems like excuses for avoiding physical activity are plentiful during the winter season. Are you ready to ditch the … Read More

Getting (and Staying) Fit Is Easier Than You Think

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If someone were to ask you to envision yourself physically fit, what would you see? Would you see yourself having chiseled legs, rock-hard abs and arms of steel? Or, would you envision yourself with a smile on your face, at a healthy weight, getting sufficient physical exercise each day? Most people would probably imagine the first scenario. It is the … Read More