3 Ways to Get Fit in Time for Spring

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Image courtesy of pixabay.com

Image courtesy of pixabay.com

Springtime is just around the corner. Can you believe it? Soon we will trade in dry, cold weather for sunshine, warm winds and blue skies. If you’re like the rest of us, you’ve spent this winter in hibernation, avoiding exercise. It seems like excuses for avoiding physical activity are plentiful during the winter season. Are you ready to ditch the sedentary life and get fit in time for spring?

It’s Not Too Late to Get in Shape!

Think it’s too late to get fit in time for spring? Think again. With a sensible exercise regimen and determination, there’s a good chance you can shed some excess weight and tone your muscles by the time spring rolls around.

As you get back into the swing of working out, avoid a harsh, “boot camp” attitude about getting in shape. Such an attitude will only set you up for failure. Why? Because you have probably been sedentary all winter. If you go from months of inactivity to suddenly hitting the gym hard, you may injure yourself.

How to Prevent Injury and Get Fit in Time for Spring

You can prevent injury and get in shape in time for spring by taking these tips to heart…

1. Fall back in love with your favorite activity – Think back to the time before it got freezing cold. What activity did you love to do? Maybe you enjoyed taking long walks outside. Whatever it is you love, resume your activity. Even if the weather is not balmy yet, go for a 15-minute walk outside. (Remember to warm up and cool down first.) Or, if swimming is your thing, get a membership at a gym with an indoor pool and treat yourself to one or two swims a week. Falling back in love with your favorite activity will have you on the road to fitness in no time. Just remember, if you want to prevent injuries, you must resume exercise very slowly after a season of being sedentary.

2. Set fitness goals – All of us benefit from having fitness goals. In the article Spring time is the right time to get back in shape, Paul Swiech said, “Your short-term goal may be to exercise three times a week for the first month and to improve your flexibility. Your intermediate goal may be to lift 10 more pounds on each machine next month. Your long-range goal may be reduce your risk of heart disease or diabetes, or to have more energy to play with your children or grandchildren.” What is your short-term fitness goal?

3. Let a physiotherapist train you – If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed with all this information, don’t feel bad. It’s normal to need help beginning an exercise regimen. That’s where a physiotherapist comes in. These healthcare professionals don’t just help the injured; they also help healthy people get in shape. When you meet with a physiotherapist, let him or her know that you want to get fit in time for spring. He or she can design a physical fitness program that honors your goals and is perfect for your body.

Let the promise of a soon-coming spring season motivate you to slowly get back into the habit of working out regularly. If you do this for a few weeks, you’ll notice a BIG difference in your overall fitness level.

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