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If someone were to ask you to envision yourself physically fit, what would you see? Would you see yourself having chiseled legs, rock-hard abs and arms of steel? Or, would you envision yourself with a smile on your face, at a healthy weight, getting sufficient physical exercise each day? Most people would probably imagine the first scenario.

It is the rare person who does not have unrealistic expectations of his/herself when it comes to fitness. That’s because most people don’t understand what it means to be fit. Being fit does not necessarily mean being in amazing physical shape; it means being healthy. It means maintaining proper body weight (your doctor can help you determine what this should be). It means getting enough physical activity each day.

How to Get Fit at Work

Getting and staying physically fit takes less extreme measures than you probably realize. In fact, you can easily squeeze fitness-promoting activities into your daily regime – especially while at work. The best thing you can do to promote fitness at work is simply to stand up! Standing is a great way to burn calories and increase muscle tone.

Allana LeBlanc, writer for, says, “During your workday, try to stand and/or participate in light activities for at least 2 hours per day. As you get used to this, work your way up to 4 hours per day of standing/light activity.” If it is not possible for you to stand this much, make it a point to frequently take trips to get water. Taking 3-5 minutes to use light hand weights or a resistance band during a work break will also certainly increase your level of fitness.

Another great way to get in better shape is to sit on a stability ball while at work. Sitting on a stability ball stabilizes and tones your core muscles by forcing them to keep you erect. If you choose to invest in a stability ball, consider sitting on it 50 percent of the time, and in your office chair 50 percent of the time. (Exclusively sitting on a stability ball can damage posture over time.)

Other Easy Ways to Get In Shape

Getting in good shape shouldn’t be a pain. Here are some other easy ways to get fit:

Do you see how easy it is to lead a more active lifestyle? Integrating two or three of these suggestions into your daily routine can bring major results with minor effort.

Do you view achieving physical fitness as an unattainable goal? If so, you have the wrong mindset about fitness. Re-evaluate what fitness it, and then take steps (literally) toward becoming more active in your day-to-day life.


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