Why Physiotherapy Improves Body Image

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Did you know that exercise, which is a vital aspect of a physiotherapy program, improves body image? Medical News Today reported on a study that proved just one exercise session increases body image, which can be defined as how someone feels about his or her body at any given moment. MNT stated,

New research suggests that a single, (30-minute) bout of physical exercise can make us feel stronger, thinner, and happier overall with our bodies.”

Are you struggling to get even a single 30-minute walk in each week? If so, you may suffer from poor body image as a result. Bad body image isn’t trivial. On the contrary, it can be detrimental to your health. Read on to find out how you can improve your body image and increase your quality of life.

The Dangers of Poor Body Image

Wanting to achieve a positive body image is not vain. The desire to like the appearance of one’s body is normal and healthy. Low body image can be much more damaging than many realize. For example, poor body image…

  • Promotes eating disorders
  • Causes low self-esteem
  • Can lead to depression

As Medical News Today reported, a single session of physical activity can increase positive feelings toward one’s body. Since a physiotherapy program structures regular exercise into a person’s schedule, it can be a great option for people who want to 1) Get injuries or other health conditions treated, and 2) significantly increase body image.

“Exercise is just as effective as cognitive behavioral therapy to improve body image, and it has the benefit of physical health.” — Eating Disorder Hope  

Why Exercise/Physiotherapy Boosts Body Image  

The science behind why exercise/physiotherapy increases body image is fascinating. A person can engage in physical activity and immediately feel better about his or her body even though it hasn’t physically changed in any way. A contributor to Daily Mail explained why:

“The simple act of doing some exercise convinces people they look better – even if it has actually made no difference.”

Additionally, exercise improves mood by causing us to produce feel-good endorphins, which are chemicals that make people feel happier about themselves and their lives. A good mood can go a long way in improving how we feel about our bodies.

Build Body Image Fast with Physiotherapy

Working out in solitude can discourage people from regularly participating in physical activity, and those who are overweight are more apt to work out alone. This is where a physiotherapist comes in. Physiotherapists provide social support and design individualized exercise programs that are truly enjoyable. 

Interested in getting sports injuries/other types of physical injuries treated while at the same time bolstering your body image? If so, contact a physiotherapy clinic near you. If you live near Winnipeg, call the friendly physiotherapists at Elite Sports Injury Physiotherapy Clinics. Find out what conditions Elite physiotherapists treat here.

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