Would you like to improve your posture this month? A wise answer would be “yes”! After all, good posture doesn’t just improve your appearance; it also improves your health by preventing injuries and the pain they cause. Make it your mission today to learn some good-posture habits that can change your day as well as your life.

The Benefits of Good Posture

Correct posture has so many benefits. For example, it…

In addition to these benefits, good posture also reduces stress. The Huffington Post’s article 6 Reasons Good Posture Can Make Your Whole Day Better says, “An improved posture can also help build your resilience to deadlines and to-do lists. A recent study published in Health Psychology found that sitting with good posture when you’re strung out can cut out those negative emotions. Additionally, a straighter stance can also lift your mood. So long, stress.” This benefit alone should convince anyone to improve their posture!

How to Improve Your Posture This Month

Interested in getting better posture this month? If so, implement one of these two tips for a couple of weeks and see if you don’t love the results:


The Best Way to Get Better Posture

Although there are general guidelines for achieving good posture, everyone’s posture, body, and needs are different. Because of this, the best way to get better posture is by visiting a physiotherapy clinic.

At a physiotherapy clinic, you will work with a physiotherapist on matters pertaining to your posture. A physiotherapist is a health practitioner who can correct your posture and teach you how to maintain proper posture. “Physiotherapists use a variety of techniques including balance exercises, stability balls, stretches, and other movement therapies to improve posture and bring a patient’s body back to its full functional equilibrium,” stated the Physiotherapy Association of BC.

If you’re ready to pursue perfect posture, reach out to a physiotherapist near you.







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