3 Easy Ways to Prevent Workplace Injuries

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Image courtesy of pixabay.com

Image courtesy of pixabay.com

Many injuries happen in the workplace. For example, an activity as benign as sitting at a desk makes one susceptible to muscle strains and sprains. Also, frequent lifting, squatting, stooping, and other tasks sometimes required of office workers pose risk of injury.

It’s relatively easy to get injured while working in an office environment. Thankfully, it is equally easy to prevent workplace injuries. Here are 3 simple ways you can stay safe on the job:

1 – Stretch – Stretching is not just something to do before and after you exercise; it should also be done before and after your day at work. To get started, do simple stretches twice a day for a few minutes.

2 – Get fit – For so many reasons, getting fit is a worthwhile goal. The more fit you are, the less likely you are to get injured at work (or anywhere, for that matter). Harvard Health Publications encouraged readers to strengthen core muscles in particular, as weak core muscles can promote injury. “Bending to put on shoes or scoop up a package, turning to look behind you, sitting in a chair, or simply standing still — these are just a few of the many mundane actions that rely on your core and that you might not notice until they become difficult or painful,” states HHP’s article The Real-World Benefits of Strengthening Your Core Muscles. If you’re confused about how to get a strong, healthy core, work with a physiotherapist.

3 – Make yourself comfortable – If you are reading this while seated at a computer, take a moment to observe how you are sitting. Are you hunched over or leaning far to one side? If so, you might be compensating for an uncomfortable seat. You spend much of your life in the office, so the least you can do for yourself is to make it as comfortable as possible. To do this, invest in a stability-ball seat or cushion for your chair. Utilize an extension cord so that you are not having to lean over all day to plug things in and out. Do what you need to do to make your office a home away from home.

The Secret to Minimizing Eye Strain at Work

Eye strain is a major complaint among those whose jobs require them to frequently use a computer. Eye strain is not necessarily injurious, but it can cause headaches, so it’s beneficial for office workers to learn how to minimize it. To keep this annoying problem at bay, remember the 20-20-20 rule: after 20 minutes staring at a computer screen, look for 20 seconds at an object located 20 feet away from you. During those 20 seconds, take deep, slow breaths. This gives your eyes a much-needed break. It may also be helpful to stretch your eye muscles a couple times a day by looking to the left and right, then up and down. Be sure to keep your head static while you do this.

To find more information about how to keep from getting hurt at work, speak with a physiotherapist. Physiotherapists don’t just treat injured people; they are also happy to work with those who want to prevent accidents and injuries.

Office injuries are common. Thankfully, knowledge of how to prevent them is becoming more common, too. What injury-prevention tip will you put into practice this week at work?

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