How Physiotherapy Improves Incontinence

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Incontinence, which refers to a loss of bladder control, affects over 3.3 million people in Canada. Incontinence is not only a life-altering problem, but it can also be embarrassing. There is no doubt that incontinence majorly interferes daily life, but there is also no doubt that there are effective treatments for this condition. That means individuals who struggle with incontinence, … Read More

Why Type 2 Diabetics Need Physiotherapy

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Maintain a strict diet. Check your blood sugar often. Care for your feet. Exercise. Get enough sleep. Go to your endocrinologist regularly. For people who have Type 2 Diabetes, the list of ‘dos’ can seem tedious. Type 2 diabetes can be a complicated disease to manage, and it is critical that people manage it well. Failing to do so often … Read More