Physiotherapy and Acupuncture Make the Perfect Pain Relieving Team

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Most people who experience chronic back pain would do almost anything to experience relief; many have. Nutritional supplements, special diets and topical treatments all offer the hope of pain relief, but few deliver on this promise. While many with back pain feel hopeless, there is a solution that is time-tested and has been proven to help relieve this type of pain: physiotherapy. In some cases, when physiotherapy is coupled with acupuncture, the results are even more evident.

Physiotherapy Offers Superior Back Pain Relief

There are several options for back pain relief, such as medication, surgery and chiropractic care. For some pain sufferers, one or all of these treatments may be helpful. But, some people are resistant to these types of remedies. Those individuals will be encouraged to know that physiotherapy may offer them superior pain relief.

Study after study proves the efficacy of physiotherapy in back pain reduction. According to the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, “Physiotherapy work wells for managing back pain.The Mayo Clinic staff claims physiotherapy “is a cornerstone of back pain treatment,” and explains that physiotherapists “can apply a variety of treatments, such as heat, ultrasound, electrical stimulation and muscle-release techniques, to your back muscles and soft tissues to reduce pain.”

It is best to see a physiotherapist as soon as one experiences back pain. However, physiotherapy will likely still be effective even if a patient has experienced years of pain. Physiotherapist Esther Smith says, “It doesn’t matter how long (the pain) has been around…with the right therapy, anyone can get better.”

Augment Pain Relief by Pairing Physiotherapy with Acupuncture

Physiotherapy is a powerful back pain reliever in and of itself. However, some patients find the combination of physiotherapy and acupuncture to be most effective at quelling pain.

Acupuncture is a practice that has been used for hundreds of years to resolve health problems of all varieties. The treatment entails fine needles being pierced into the skin in particular regions called acupoints. Harvard Health Publications notes that acupuncture may relieve pain by causing a release of endorphins, “the body’s natural pain killers,” via injection of the strategically placed needles.

As you might imagine, physiotherapy and acupuncture make somewhat of a dream team for pain reduction. Those dealing with severe or chronic back pain may experience major relief when acupuncture is used as a compliment to physiotherapy.

You Can Experience Permanent Back Pain Relief

Are you suffering from chronic back pain? Have you tried just about every cure that touts pain relief without getting the results you most desire? If so, there is no better time than now to give physiotherapy a try. Although there is no promise that physiotherapy will totally erase your pain, research suggests that it may very well be the solution you’ve been searching for. Combining physiotherapy with acupuncture could make your pain relief even more pronounced. Contacting a physiotherapy clinic is the first step you should take on your journey of permanent back pain relief.




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