Finding the Right Fitness Shoes for You

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3a Finding the Right Fitness Shoe for YouA familiar adage says, “No pain, no game.” While this saying may have rallied the wrestling team and coaxed a soccer player to side line a minor injury so her team could win nationals, nobody wants to be in pain while partaking in their favourite exercise or recreational activity.

To eliminate the risk of pain, several recreational enthusiasts see physiotherapists who may prescribe strength building exercises and corrective regimens that help them remain pain-free while reaching new heights of athleticism.

Another proactive measure that seems small but has a big impact on a person’s health and vitality is choosing the right fitness shoe. Every person is different and has unique needs when it comes to shoes. More so, different activities require different foot support. For instance, tennis shoes are created for linear movement because the sport requires the player to swiftly move from side to side, while running shoes are created for forward motion only.

Explore the unique attributes of feet and the types of shoes that are meant for different activities.

The Right Fitness Shoes for Your Feet

When shopping for athletic shoes, words like arch support, over pronation and supination may arise. These feet traits differ from person to person. The best way to understand the mechanics of your feet is to have an athletic shoe specialist help you.

By going into a specialty shop, like a running store, you can often find someone who will give you a gait analysis, and match you with the right shoe for your foot and preferred sport. According to Joe Puleo, the author of Running Anatomy, “The staff there will do a real fitting, evaluate your foot, and take a history of your athletic activities and what shoes may have worked for you before.” He continues, “They’ll watch you walk or run on a treadmill or outside.” This analysis will ensure you receive the right pair of shoes.

The Right Fitness Shoes for Your Sport

Podiatrists recommend having a sport-specific shoe if you “participate in a particular sport two to three times a week or more….” According to the website, there are several shoes that ought to be considered for a range of activities, including:

  • Running
  • Cycling
  • Weight Lifting
  • Field and Court Sports
  • Hiking

Runners, for instance, may opt for shoes that increase stability, motion control, or offer cushion. And depending on what kind of cycling you prefer, there are different shoes for road cycling, mountain biking and spinning. In addition, there are several other types of shoes recommended for various sports. To see a complete list, view the infograph. Click here:

Most of us know that pain does not lead to better game. In fact, pain greatly interferes with the activities we enjoy most. Be proactive in your pain management. Aside from seeing a physiotherapist who can help you build a large repertoire of correct, pain-eliminating exercises, be sure to buy the right fitness shoes for you.

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