Physiotherapy Helps You Heal from Back Surgery

80 percent of Americans alone will experience back pain at some point in their lives, according to the infographic Key Statistics on Back Pain. This source also reported that: The number of adults who experience low back pain is rising each year. 30 percent of women and 26 percent of men deal with low back […]

Can Physiotherapy Heal Headaches?

How often do you suffer with a headache that just won’t let up? Dull or shooting, headache pain is one of the worst, most-dreaded types of pain. No doubt you’ve taken your fair share of over-the-counter painkillers in hopes of experiencing pain relief. Or, like thousands of others, perhaps you’ve taken prescription painkillers for your […]

Physiotherapy Speeds up the Recovery Process

Pain can be annoying, especially when it won’t go away. Have you ever struggled with an ache or pain that doesn’t heal? It is one thing to grit your teeth and get over a momentary blow, but when the same pain emerges over and over again, something needs to be done. Most of us can […]