Physiotherapy Helps You Heal from Back Surgery

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80 percent of Americans alone will experience back pain at some point in their lives, according to the infographic Key Statistics on Back Pain. This source also reported that:

  • The number of adults who experience low back pain is rising each year.
  • 30 percent of women and 26 percent of men deal with low back pain.
  • Back pain affects individuals’ ability to perform their work.
  • In a survey of 2600 respondents, 39 percent said back pain interfered with their daily tasks, 38 percent with their ability to exercise and 37 percent with their ability to sleep soundly.
  • Over half of Americans with back pain work at a desk most of the time.

Statistics like these make it clear why thousands of people get back surgery each year.  

“Only one in ten finds out the primary cause of their back pain.”

How Physiotherapy Helps You Recover from Back Surgery

Have you recently had back surgery? If so, you understand how significant the procedure is and how seriously it can limit your activities. Physiotherapy can help you recover from back surgery and get the most from it.  

Physiotherapy rehabilitation after back surgery is helpful in many ways. “Essentially, rehabilitation (physiotherapy) can help patients recover from spine surgery as quickly and completely as possible,” stated Spine Health. It does this in the following ways:

  • Controls pain — Those who have undergone back surgery want to get out of pain as soon as possible. Managing pain is key to starting rehab and getting back to normal life. Physiotherapists are trained in using certain modalities (ice, electrical devices, spinal positioning, etc.) to get pain under control for patients.


  • Helps patients rebuild strength and mobility — After surgery, muscles in the back can atrophy. Physiotherapy is needed to rebuild strength in the back. Physiotherapists design strengthening programs that, when followed as prescribed, help patients fully recover from surgery and regain their mobility.

There are several types of back surgery, and each affects patients differently. Also, age and other factors play into a person’s experience with back surgery. Everyone responds to this type of surgery differently and needs a unique plan for rehabilitation. A physiotherapist can create and administer that plan and work in tandem with other healthcare professionals.

“Regular exercise to restore the strength of your back and a gradual return to everyday activities are important for your full recovery after low back surgery.” — Ortho Info

Physiotherapy May Help You Avoid Back Surgery

Physiotherapy can be helpful if you have recently had back surgery or are considering it as a treatment for back pain. Before you opt for surgery, set up an evaluation with a physiotherapist near you to determine if non-invasive measures can relieve your pain.

Has physiotherapy helped you prevent or recover from back surgery? Share your experience with us in the section below.

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