How Physiotherapy Can Benefit Children

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Physiotherapy isn’t just for adults, but not everyone knows this. As a result, it’s likely that some children who would benefit from physiotherapy services don’t receive them. “Babies, infants, children, and youth of all ages can truly benefit from the services provided by a physiotherapist!” stated “Some childhood conditions that could benefit from physiotherapy include: torticollis, neurological conditions, hip dysplasia, development delays, and congenital issues.” These aren’t the only conditions physiotherapy can treat in little ones. 

Conditions Physiotherapy Can Treat in Kids 

Kids can see physiotherapists for the same reasons adults do, and it’s often because they need relief from pain or must improve their functioning in some way to have a good quality of life. According to Children’s Support Solutions, here are a few health conditions that physiotherapists can treat in children:  

  • Gross motor delay
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Developmental Coordination Disorder
  • Down Syndrome
  • Spina Bifida
  • Acquired Brain Injury
  • Hypotonia
  • Muscular Dystrophy or other neuromuscular challenges
  • Torticollis/Plagiocephaly
  • Other genetic disorders
  • Weight challenges

If your child is experiencing any of these health conditions, reach out to a physiotherapist near you. If you are in Canada, this tool will help you find a physiotherapist. If you live near Winnipeg, the staff at Elite Sports Injury physiotherapy clinics is here for you. 

Physiotherapy Helps Children Recover from or Prevent Sports Injuries 

About 45 percent of children are involved in sports. Organized sports can be excellent for a child’s physical and social development, but oftentimes sports can be a source of injury. When a sports injury takes place, a physiotherapist can help a child recover, reducing their risk of future injury. KidsHealth stated, 

“After an injury, physical therapists work to decrease pain, improve movement, and help kids return to daily activities. They teach kids exercises designed to help them regain strength and range of motion, and also show kids and families how to prevent future injuries.”

Also, physiotherapy can teach kids to prevent sports injuries in the first place.

Can Your Child Benefit from Physiotherapy?

Wondering if you should get your child involved in a physiotherapy program? If so, talk it over with their doctor. Also, consider setting up an appointment with a physiotherapist near you to discuss your child’s health concerns and ask whether or not physiotherapy would be an effective treatment option. A contributor to wrote, “A physiotherapist will assess your child’s condition in a fun and friendly way and let them know if physiotherapy is appropriate or recommend any other services that may be helpful!”

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