Would you agree that back-to-school time is almost always hectic? Go to any superstore a few days before school resumes and you’ll find moms and dads with shopping carts filled to the brim with school supplies, lunch ingredients, clothes, and, last but not least, backpacks.

Unfortunately, because there is so much to buy in preparation for the coming school year, parents often purchase the cheapest backpacks they can find. This is a big mistake.

Some Backpacks Cause Neck, Shoulder and Back Pain

Did you know that certain backpacks cause bodily pain by putting too much strain on a child’s spine? The average backpack simply isn’t designed to cart a large load of supplies AND keep your child’s back, neck and shoulders stable. However, some book bags are designed with health in mind.

Jason Bellefleur of Bellefleur Physiotherapy tells parents, “A good bag could make the difference between a happy and healthy child, and one living with discomfort. Backpacks shouldn’t mean back pain, therefore choosing an ergonomic backpack should be a priority.”

Tips for Backpack Safety

Here are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind when choosing a backpack and teaching your child how to wear it:

What type of backpack is your child carrying to school this year? Regardless of price or brand, unless it is ergonomically designed, it may cause back pain. Invest in your child’s well being by carefully choosing a backpack that promotes healthy posture.

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