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Falling is a common fear that people develop, particularly as they age. Since 1 out of 3 adults over the age of 65 falls each year, this fear is not unfounded. Is falling a concern of yours? If so, you may be believing myths about falling. However, if you have no healthy fear of falls and accidents, you also may be buying into myths that could endanger you. Read on to find out the truth about falling and how it can affect you.

Myths About Falling

#1 – “I’m immune to falling” – It seems that some people feel they are immune to health problems or accidents, including falls. This is a dangerous belief to hold. Did you know that falling is among the top reasons adults are hospitalized? Sounds incredible, but it’s true! No matter your age, there is always the chance that you may fall. With this in mind, it is wise to take preventative measures against falling.

#2 – “All older people fall” – Please do not believe the fallacy that falling is an inevitable part of aging. That is simply not the case. The truth is, aging individuals who care for themselves are far less likely to fall than those who don’t. A physiotherapist can help you determine how to prevent falls as you age.

#3 – “Doing less = a lesser chance of falling” – The assumption that being sedentary lessens a person’s chance of falling makes sense. After all, if one does less, he or she would have a lower chance of falling, right? Wrong. In reality, “inactivity can actually increase the risk of falling and getting hurt because doing less leads to decreased overall strength and endurance,” says the Canadian Physiotherapy Association.

Want to discover more myths about falling? Watch a short video entitled Fall Prevention: Myths, presented by the Canadian Physiotherapy Association.

Prevent Falls and Accidents with Physiotherapy

One of the most effective ways to give yourself peace of mind about your health is to make an appointment with a physiotherapist. At your appointment, discuss your fears about falling and ask your healthcare professional if you are at risk of falling. If you are, there’s a high chance that a physiotherapist can help you build your muscles and work on your balance so that you stay upright. Regular physiotherapy sessions can reduce your risk of falling, so reach out to a physiotherapist today.

Don’t buy into myths about falling. Arm yourself with facts and physiotherapy to stay healthy and on your feet.

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