5 Signs You Need Physiotherapy

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Worldwide, millions of adults receive outpatient physiotherapy services each year for issues such as…

  • Chronic pain
  • Muscular imbalances
  • Sports injuries
  • Respiratory problems

Read about the many other types of conditions physiotherapy treats here.

5 Signs That Indicate You Would Benefit from Physiotherapy

Should you join the ranks of those who partake of physiotherapy programs? The answer may be “yes” if you exhibit any of these signs:

1) You wonder if physiotherapy could help you — If you are curious about whether or not physiotherapy could benefit you, there’s a good chance it would. After all, some type of ailment is pushing you to seek treatment. Physiotherapists treat a huge variety of health issues (not just pain), and they may be very familiar with your specific problem. 

2) You are hurting — Does back pain keep you up at night? Is shoulder or neck or knee pain interfering with your ability to work? If you are hurting, this is a sign that physiotherapy may help you. In some cases this treatment eliminates pain, and in many cases it eases pain. Best of all, physiotherapy is a drug-free treatment.

3) You have poor balance — If you’re having trouble keeping your balance, consider seeing a physiotherapist soon. Physiotherapist Paul Kennedy wrote,

Loss of balance can be as a result of issues with your inner ear. A physiotherapy treatment called vestibular rehabilitation can be used to overcome these symptoms. After assessing your specific needs, a physiotherapist can design a series of head, neck, and eye exercises to help retrain your central nervous system to compensate for the inner ear problems.”

Do you have balance problems? Keep in mind that they can be a sign that you’d benefit from physiotherapy.

4) You strain your neck a lot — Do you have issues pulling or straining muscles in your back and neck often? (For example, you feel a muscular tug as a result of some activity and suddenly have trouble moving your head to the left or right.) If so, you could have a muscular imbalance or muscular weakness. A physiotherapist can often correct these problems.

5) You are a stroke victim — It is the rare stroke victim that physiotherapy cannot benefit. Strokes cause flexibility and mobility problems that physiotherapy treats. The Office Athlete stated,

“Physiotherapy is what you (a stroke victim) need to help you learn the skills you lost. A (physiotherapist) will provide tools and exercises that can help with your condition. They are also responsible for identifying how much stress you can take while performing your treatments.”

Having had a stroke is a surefire sign that physiotherapy is probably in order.

Do You Need Physiotherapy?

Do you ever…

  • Wonder if physiotherapy could help you?
  • Struggle with physical pain?
  • Experience poor balance?
  • Pull muscles in your neck or back?
  • Deal with mobility problems as a result of a stroke?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, contact a physiotherapy office near you to set up an evaluation. Those who live near Winnipeg can contact the team at Elite Sports Injury Physiotherapy Clinics.

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