Did You Know Physiotherapy Improves Asthma Symptoms?

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Do you have asthma? If so, you are all too familiar with the wheezing, shortness of breath, and general breathing difficulties this chronic lung disease causes. Severe cases of asthma can be debilitating and cause major problems, such as excessive days of missed school or work. Even the most minor cases of this lung disease are irritating to sufferers and … Read More

Do You REALLY Need Steroids for Shoulder Pain?

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There are few types of pain more uncomfortable than shoulder pain. Those who develop tendonitis, bursitis, rotator cuff problems, etc., know all too well the familiar aches of shoulder pain. Individuals dealing with such pain are often willing to do almost anything to ease it. The Trouble With Steroids In an attempt to control shoulder pain, it’s common for patients … Read More

Can Physiotherapy Heal Headaches?

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How often do you suffer with a headache that just won’t let up? Dull or shooting, headache pain is one of the worst, most-dreaded types of pain. No doubt you’ve taken your fair share of over-the-counter painkillers in hopes of experiencing pain relief. Or, like thousands of others, perhaps you’ve taken prescription painkillers for your headaches and STILL not gotten … Read More