Bridgwater Massage Therapists

Across from Save-On Foods

Brianna Buchanan

Registered Massage Therapist — Elite Sports Injury Bridgwater

Brianna Buchanan at Elite Sports Injury Physiotherapy, Massage Therapy Winnipeg

Brianna is a Registered Massage Therapist who graduated from Wellington College of Remedial Massage Therapy in 2013. Since graduation she has worked in a Physiotherapy Clinic setting.

Upon graduation Brianna completed her training to be a Sports Massage Therapist. Training included Pre and Post Sports Massage, Soft tissue Release, Onsite Injury Management and Athletic Proprioceptive taping. She has also completed additional training in sports nutrition, exercise psychology, cupping and cranial therapy.

Brianna’s interest in sports rehabilitation began at a young age as she was very involved in soccer and loved staying active. That passion continued to grow and prompted her interest in Massage Therapy.

She enjoys incorporating assessment and exercise prescription in her treatment so she can create personalized plans to help clients reach their goals and to prevent further injuries.

Rob Dreger

Registered Massage Therapist — Elite Sports Injury Bridgwater

Rob Dreger at Elite Sports Injury Physiotherapy, Massage Therapy Winnipeg

Rob has been a massage therapist in Winnipeg for over a decade, in which he honed his skills in trigger point therapy, deep tissue massage, and relaxation techniques. He has worked in both clinical and spa environments and has also worked privately with a number of local professional athletes. Rob loves to help people work through both chronic overuse pain and acute injury and finds fulfillment in knowing he can help make a difference in patients lives. He personally lives an active lifestyle and believes it’s key to being healthy along with proper nutrition.

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Meadowood Massage Therapists

Across from St. Vital Centre

Jay Bachman

Registered Massage Therapist — Elite Sports Injury St Vital

Jay Bachman - Winnipeg Physiotherapist, St Vital

Jay is a Registered Massage Therapist who graduated from Wellington College of Remedial Massage Therapy in 2011. Since graduation he has worked with gyms, medical clinics and with a wide variety of manual therapists. He considers balance to be an important part of life, mind and body. His treatment-based approach revolves around finding asymmetries and working to bring a better understanding of one’s own body mechanics. He has found that the use of deep tissue and muscle energy techniques can oftentimes create quick and lasting results when dealing with tension; while focusing on the body’s compensations when instability arises. Jay has a special interest with pelvic/sacral and vertebral dysfunctions and has also completed courses in Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Mobilization and Myofascial Release.

In his down time, Jay enjoys the outdoors, art and is heavily involved in the Winnipeg music scene.

Vanessa Dela Rosa

Registered Massage Therapist — Elite Sports Injury St Vital

Vanessa Dela Rosa - Winnipeg Physiotherapist, St Vital

Vanessa has been a part of the Elite team for over a decade and has enjoyed every bit of it.  She started her career with Elite Sports Injury as an Elite Professional cultivating her interest in patient care, education, and wellness.  Her position has allowed a seamless transition as a treating Remedial Massage Therapist.

She graduated in 2012 from the University of Manitoba from the Faculty of Kinesiology and Recreation Management, specializing in the Athletic Therapy stream.  She continued her education and passion for patient care and wellness to earn a diploma in Massage Therapy in July 2020 from the Evolve College of Massage Therapy.

Vanessa enjoys being as active as possible and is involved with the local dance community helping direct SIKAT dance company.  She grew up playing soccer and competing in rhythmic gymnastics but due to a few injuries her competitive career shifted focus to soccer, where she played at a premier level with the Bonivital Flames.  Now she enjoys staying active through recreational coed volleyball and soccer but still competes, occasionally teaches, and travels with dance.

Her passion for sport and helping others has created a practice that involves balancing the body.  She incorporates assessment findings with patient concerns and goals to create their treatment plan.  The focus of her work is to help reduce pain, restore balance, encourage movement, and of course relaxation. She specializes in therapeutic relaxation and treatment massage. Vanessa is also certified in cupping, both static and dynamic, through Cupping Canada. It can be added to any treatment and it is great for decompression, to help increase range of motion due to muscle tension, and pain management!

Learning is an exciting and never-ending journey. Through extended education courses she continues to explore different techniques to help her clients move better, move well, and be happy.

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St. James Massage Therapists

Courts of St. James

Leana Virgo

Lead Registered Massage Therapist — Elite Sports Injury St James

Leana Virgo - Winnipeg Registered Massage Therapist, St James Assiniboine

Leana graduated from The Massage College of Manitoba in 2000. She works five days a week out of the Courts of St. James and enjoys the challenges of new musculo-skeletal injuries. As a former bodybuilder, fitness instructor and MT for the military national volleyball team, she brings a wealth of knowledge in sports rehab and recovery. In her free time, Leana enjoys spending time with her family, weight training, swimming, reading, and tap dance. She has also taken courses in Cranio-Sacral Therapy 1, Raindrop Therapy, Myofascial Vacuum cupping, Dhyana Massage Therapy (deep scar tissue therapy), pre/post natal fitness instruction, osteoporosis and office ergonomics, psychological first aid, Rock taping 1&2 and Rockblading 1&2.

Aki Hada

Registered Massage Therapist — Elite Sports Injury St James

Aki Sukigami - Winnipeg Massage Therapist, St James Assiniboine

A seasoned graduate of Wellington College of Remedial Massage Therapy, Aki broadened her skillset as a graduate of a 3 year acupuncture program from Hua Xia Acupuncture College and Chinese Herb College with the philosophy of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Traditional Chinese Medicine brings a holistic view into her therapeutic approach for her clients’ health and wellbeing with special interest in addressing sleep problems, anxiety, menopausal symptoms, stress management, and pain reduction. She has also witnessed good outcomes for improving headaches, overall mood, and energy levels.

Aki’s goal as a registered massage therapist is to address the needs of her patients and root causes of their symptoms through assessments, treatment, and communication.

Aki’s Special Interests: Shoulder tension and issues such as rotator cuff injury and frozen shoulder, use of heat in hot stone massage, scar tissue management, pre/post natal massage, use of Kinesiology taping and cupping, muscle energy techniques, pain management for osteoarthritis, and use of lymphatic techniques.

Kris Kontusic

Registered Massage Therapist — Elite Sports Injury St James

Kris Kontusic - Winnipeg Massage Therapist, St James Assiniboine

A graduate of Wellington College of Remedial Massage, Kris is versed in both Remedial and Therapeutic Massage. With a background in baseball and weightlifting, he feels that routine massage therapy was beneficial in maintaining performance and staying injury free.

Kris loves the complexity of the Scapula/GH articulation, and enjoys working with shoulder dysfunctions. He is also trained in Hot Stone and Pre/Post Sports Massage and will be continuing his education to broaden his toolset with training in Cupping, Rock Blading, Rock Taping, and Soft Tissue Release, in the very near future.

In his free time Kris enjoys soccer, baseball, weightlifting, golf and hockey.

Kris’ goal as a Massage Therapist is to help people feel and perform better than they did prior to coming in for treatment.

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Transcona Massage Therapists

Park City Commons

Cloey Skrypnyk

Registered Massage Therapist — Elite Sports Injury Transcona

 Cloey Skrypnyk - Winnipeg Massage Therapist, Transcona

Growing up in Petersfield Manitoba, Cloey played a variety of sports including synchronized swimming, soccer, volleyball, and rugby. Her involvement in athletics developed her passion for health, wellness, and human anatomy from a very young age. After spending some time at the University of Winnipeg pursuing Athletic Therapy, Cloey quickly learned that her approach to treatment resonated more with the art and science of Massage Therapy. She enrolled at Evolve College of Massage Therapy, and graduated as valedictorian and top of her class in June of 2022.

Cloey is trained in Myofascial Therapy, Sports Massage, and Cupping. Her approach to treatment is centered around the biopsychosocial model of an individual, and not just reduced to their physical body. While in her treatment room you can expect a thorough assessment of your condition, to engage in deep breathing exercises , be asked for feedback during your treatment, and be encouraged to utilize the fitness facilities at the clinic in order to facilitate your rehab and treatment goals.

In her spare time Cloey also is the Anatomy Lab Instructor, and Teaching Assistant for Sports Massage at Evolve College. In her downtime she still enjoys athletics such as recreational powerlifting, hiking, and HIIT training, as well as cooking, baking, and singing.

Hope Hackett

Registered Massage Therapist — Elite Sports Injury Transcona

Hope Hackett - Winnipeg Massage Therapist, Transcona

Hope is a passionate RMT Graduated from Evolve College of Massage Therapy class of 2022. She has a love for movement, anatomy and working with patients on their goals.

Hopes sessions encompass a variety of techniques, blending calming swedish massage and specific therapeutic modalities. She collaborates with all members of the population to create an effective and safe way to receive treatment and bring balance to the body.

When she is not in the clinic, Hope can be found at the gym, cooking or at a local spin studio. She has a love for nutrition, the great outdoors and continuous learning.

Jeremy Mager

Registered Massage Therapist — Elite Sports Injury Transcona

Jeremy Mager - Winnipeg Massage Therapist, Transcona

Jeremy is a lifelong athlete and adventure seeker. His love of athletics began at a young age playing hockey, track, and soccer. After years of working with professional coaches and trainers he fell in love with the sports training and rehabilitation world. Jeremy currently enjoys rock climbing, canoeing, hiking, and cycling in his spare time.

After having incredibly positive experiences with sports massage in his youth, he knew Massage Therapy would be a perfect fit for a career choice. Fuelled by a natural attraction to anatomy and exercise physiology, Jeremy uses an integrated approach to help his clients achieve their results. Through his training in Swedish/relaxation massage, Myofascial and sports massage, Jeremy will provide helpful hands on application of these techniques, paired with patient education to ensure his clients have the tools necessary to assist in their recoveries.

Joseph Ding

Registered Massage Therapist — Elite Sports Injury Transcona

Joseph Ding - Winnipeg Massage Therapist, Transcona

Joseph graduated from Wellington College of Remedial Massage Therapies in 2014. He enjoys being active and is always looking to try new forms of workouts. He has played years of touch football and other sports. He has also been a former trainer in a fitness club.

With a background in sports, he will work with you to address any issues. Having had numerous injuries, particularly in the lower extremities, Joseph is familiar with rehabilitation. Cupping, deep tissue and myofascial work are familiar to him and he caters every massage and rehabilitation program to individual needs. For a different experience, Joseph is also trained in Thai massage. In his spare time, Joseph likes to stay fit and spending time with his family especially his baby girl.

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Recovery for all levels

Elite specializes in injury recovery for all sports and levels of athlete. Our team facilitates rapid access to complete recovery. Frequently, we see patients within a day or two of their physician exam when return to full function is critical. We immediately address acute swelling, pain and compensatory issues and initiate a home program to maintain strength and motion.

Your Part

In order to ensure a successful treatment and speed recovery, you need to be fully committed to your treatment plan. Your time in the clinic is only part of the process. The exercises and perhaps changes in your own behavior are a crucial part of your plan. We know how your body works; we may identify an underlying weakness, poor posture, work habits, or other factors that contribute to the problem.

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