These 3 Technology Trends are Shaping the Future of Physiotherapy

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Think back for a moment to what your life was like 15 years ago, before technology was so far-reaching. Was it simpler or more complicated? Many people remember their technology-light pasts with fondness, while others exclaim that they don’t know how they lived without their iPhone. Really, there is no right or wrong opinion.

The Benefits of Modern Technology

Although technology has made some aspects of our lives busier, it has benefitted us overall. For example, advanced technology…

— Helps us keep in close communication with our loved ones via cell phones.

— Gives educators the tools they need to teach students more effectively.

— Enables large corporations, nonprofits, hospitals, businesses, etc., to store data in secure online locations as opposed to keeping paper records.

— Empowers researchers and healthcare professionals to find solutions to medical problems.

The above list could go on and on. When you think about it, the pros of technology far outweigh the cons. How has technology positively affected you?

These 3 Technology Trends are Shaping the Future of Physiotherapy

Certain trends in technology are making it much easier for healthcare providers to do their jobs with excellence. Just one type of healthcare practitioner that is reaping the benefits of advanced technology is the physiotherapist. The following trends in technology are popular among physiotherapists and are shaping the future of physiotherapy as we know it:

1) Social media – Social media has changed literally everything, including the way physiotherapists advertise their services. Gone are the days when advertising was confined to radio, TV, and printed media. Today, healthcare providers like physiotherapists can freely and cheaply advertise on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. This has exponentially increased public awareness of physiotherapy and connected a huge number of new patients with experienced physiotherapists. Additionally, social media helps physiotherapists source information more quickly.

2) Mobile apps – Who of us has not downloaded a couple mobile apps? (Or, more accurately, maybe several dozen.) Apps make life more fun. They also make a patient’s physiotherapy home program a heck of a lot simpler. The right apps ensure patients know exactly what exercises to perform at home and allow physiotherapists to change exercise prescriptions. Because of this, the majority of physiotherapists and patients love the mobile apps that are trending in physiotherapy right now.

3) Sensor technology – Have you heard of sensor technology? Basically, it allows individuals to track the amount of steps they are taking/exercise they are getting. This is great for physiotherapists since it gives them a clearer picture of what their patients are accomplishing with their home programs. Also, the video 5 Technology Trends to Watch in Physiotherapy tells us that sensor technology is “changing the game with big data.”

Learn more about technology trends that are changing the face of physiotherapy here.

Thanks to the expertise and dedication of thousands of physiotherapists, along with the help of technology trends, the future of physiotherapy is brighter than ever. Which of the 3 trends mentioned here is the most interesting to you? Share your thoughts with us in the section below.

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