Why Physiotherapy Is So Valuable

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Physiotherapy is, in a word, valuable. Many of the patients who’ve participated in a physiotherapy program will attest to this; so will statistical research. The article The Value of Physiotherapy mentioned the findings of an evidence-based, relevant valuation of physiotherapy by two health economists. What the economists found was support for the idea that physiotherapy is an irreplaceable practice that adds value to the lives of so many.

In the study mentioned above, two health economists took a close look at the positive effects physiotherapy has on over a dozen separate issues. Just five of those issues, discussed below, include cardiovascular rehab, chronic disease, chronic lung disease, emergency department, and falls.

1) Cardiovascular rehab – Did you know that, in Canada, heart disease is one of the primary causes of death? Those wanting to lower their risk of heart disease should speak with a physiotherapist about preventative treatment. Also, people having cardiac disease can find relief from certain symptoms and an improved quality of life with physiotherapy.

2) Chronic disease – About half of all Canadians have at least one chronic disease. Not only can physiotherapy help to prevent such diseases, it can also reduce the symptoms of already-present chronic disease.

3) Chronic lung disease – Did you know that 25 percent of people will receive a COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) diagnosis at some point in life? In order for these individuals to feel better, they must be more physically active. If the physical activity is not done under medical supervision, however, it can do more harm than good. The Canadian Physiotherapy Association wrote, “Exercise and physical activity training, prescribed by a physiotherapist, is an essential component of PR programs for improving functional performance and quality of life (for people with COPD).”

4) Emergency department – A good number of physiotherapists work full time in an emergency department. Their role in this type of department is critical. They “assess and treat mobility issues, provide instruction on appropriate mobility aids and facilitate safe discharge planning from the ED,” states The Value of Physiotherapy: Emergency Department. Apart from these professionals, injured individuals would not be able to heal and get back to their everyday lives.

5) Falls – Did you know that the average Canadian who is hospitalized for a fall racks up about $30,000 in medical treatment costs? Imagine the financial burden this is to patients, medical facilities, insurance companies, and government health insurance programs. In some cases, falls can be avoided altogether if a falls prevention/physiotherapy program is participated in by an at-risk patient.

Statistics like those above, gathered from the Canadian Physiotherapy Association, prove that physiotherapy is incalculably valuable. Not only does it increase a disease sufferer’s quality of life, it also lessens the economic burden of healthcare, prevents disease, and prolongs a person’s lifespan.

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