6 Early Heart Attack Warning Symptoms You Need to Know

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illustration of man having a heart attack

According to the Government of Canada, heart disease caused 48,000 deaths in Canada alone in 2012. Heart disease is the second leading cause of death in Canada. About 2.4 million Canadians over the age of 20 have ischemic heart disease. 6 Early Warning Symptoms of Heart Attack  Heart attack can result from heart disease. Mayo Clinic staff wrote, “A heart … Read More

Why Physiotherapy Is So Valuable

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Physiotherapy is, in a word, valuable. Many of the patients who’ve participated in a physiotherapy program will attest to this; so will statistical research. The article The Value of Physiotherapy mentioned the findings of an evidence-based, relevant valuation of physiotherapy by two health economists. What the economists found was support for the idea that physiotherapy is an irreplaceable practice that … Read More

The Link Between Physiotherapy and Heart Attack Recovery

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Most people do not associate heart attack recovery with physiotherapy. Why would they? Isn’t physiotherapy only helpful to people who have back or neck pain? Physiotherapy can be healing for bodily pain, but it is also an effective treatment for heart attack recovery. Why Heart Attack Survivors Should Work With a Physiotherapist Have you ever heard of cardiac rehabilitation, also … Read More