A Few Surprising Benefits of Physiotherapy

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It’s not new news that physiotherapy benefits a variety of people. Most individuals associate physiotherapy with reduced pain and corrected injuries. However, physiotherapy has many surprising benefits that the average person is unaware of.

5 Surprising Benefits of Physiotherapy

1) Physiotherapy can prepare people for surgery — Did you know that many physiotherapy clinics offer pre-operative rehabilitation programs? These programs prepare a person physically and mentally for surgery. They strengthen muscles that may atrophy after surgery and teach a patient compensatory methods for performing daily functions post-surgery. Getting into a pre-operative rehab program is one of the best things someone can do for his/herself before undergoing a surgical procedure, and the results can be amazing.

2) Physiotherapy helps people recover from surgery more quickly — Pre-operative rehab prepares people for surgery, but post-operative physiotherapy rehabilitation helps people get back on their feet as quickly as possible after surgery. Read more about physiotherapy pre- and post-operative rehabilitation here.

3) Physiotherapy increases body awareness/understanding — Body awareness is valuable. It can increase self-confidence among other things. Brampton Physiocare and Wellness Clinic stated,

“One of the frustrating things about pain is we often don’t know the reason it occurs. (Physiotherapy) is a great way to learn about body mechanics, and why pain arises suddenly or continues after an injury. This knowledge helps put people at ease about overcoming pain.”

This unsung benefit of physiotherapy can increase one’s quality of life and is just one more reason to consider participating in a physiotherapy program.

4) Physiotherapy promotes body acceptance — In our society, the concept of body acceptance is trendy, but it’s difficult to know how many people truly love and accept their bodies. It can be difficult to love one’s body when images of sculpted fitness gurus float through social media feeds all day long. A great benefit of physiotherapy is that it promotes body acceptance by teaching people to care for their bodies well. We naturally grow to love things we spend time caring for — especially our bodies.

5) Physiotherapy may result in weight loss — Sometimes physiotherapy patients are pleased to discover that they aren’t just getting stronger and experiencing reduced pain, but their waistlines are also reducing. This is a result of the increased physical activity that physiotherapy demands. When patients under the care of a physiotherapist lose weight, it is often unintentional, but is a welcome benefit. These individuals also increase their muscle tone. That means they look healthy.   

Find a Physiotherapy Clinic in Winnipeg

Looking for a physiotherapy clinic in the Winnipeg area? If so, contact Elite Sports Injury Physiotherapy Clinics. Elite offers services like…

  • Reconditioning programs
  • Massage
  • Pre- and post-operative rehab
  • Movement screening
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…and much more.

Which of the benefits listed above appeals to you most?  

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