Alexa Scott, a young woman who knows what challenge means

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“You have to be aware of yourself and what you want to do.”

On the surface, these two concepts can sound somewhat simple.  But how aware are we of how we are truly reacting in the moment to what is happening around us?  How often do we revisit our goals and remind ourselves of what we are striving for overall?


For such a young person and athlete, Alexa Scott has been through so much.  Yet, as she tells her story, we never hear her refer to any difficulty as an excuse or a reason to slow her down.  In fact, developing a resilient mindset seemed to be the only option to her as she navigated the difficult heartaches and challenges that life put on her path. 

She may have missed out on “that chunk of life where you don’t have to worry about anything”, but through that Alexa shows us how to accept what is happening and move with it.

Regardless of what goes on around her, Alexa takes charge of her goals.  She knows what she wants, and she reminds herself of it often.  She can accept and deal with the bumps because she has developed a real sense of individual responsibility for herself. 

Alexa’s story is also a good reminder to all of us that we never really know what is going on in other people’s lives.  Just as we show others only a tiny fraction of what we are going through overall, what we see from others is only a tiny portrayal of that person’s story at any given moment.  It’s a gift and a benefit to extend compassion to both ourselves and to others at all times, especially when things get tough.


Speed skating was the one place where Alexa could control things.  From a very young age, Alexa realized that in any situation, she had to show up knowing what she wanted to get out of it and take responsibility for herself. 

Developing a resilient mindset is an individual pursuit, but it also helps to build up a supportive team and to learn to rely on others that you trust.  As resilient and focused as Alexa is, her relationships and trust in others help her to be her best when it matters most.  The positive and constructive relationships she has built with her coaches and teammates help Alexa understand her role in many different situations.  They help keep her accountable to what she is striving for. They help her get through challenges in both sport and life.  They make celebrating successes even sweeter. 

Some of us are better at taking responsibility for ourselves, and some of us are better at trusting and relying on others.  You can get pretty far with one or the other, but both are important if you want to achieve something truly great.  Alexa’s story provides a great example how combining both can help someone to achieve great things!

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