2 Ways to Prevent Sports Injuries: Interview with Physiotherapist Cara Goleski

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Aches and pains, difficulty bouncing back from surgery, poor balance and coordination — these are just a few problems that drive individuals to a physiotherapy office. Often, people are amazed at the results they receive from this exercise-based, drug-free treatment option. In addition to treating patients with back and neck pain and many other issues, physiotherapists often treat those who … Read More

Interview with Elite Sports Injury Physiotherapist Leah Dlot

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All patients want to feel sure that they are in good hands and are receiving the best care possible. This goes for those being treated for everything from a cold to cancer. Physiotherapy patients especially want to feel confident in their therapists’ credentials and abilities. These individuals typically see their physiotherapists once a week at the very least. As soon … Read More

How To Prevent Workplace Injury

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Contrary to popular belief, sitting at a computer all day is still considered physical activity. Like other physical activities, it can cause serious trauma and damage to your body. The following are tips to prevent workplace injury.

Low Impact Summer Activities

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Summer is coming to an end but there is still time to get outside and enjoy this sunny season and all of the fun, low impact activities it has to offer. Perhaps you haven’t taken advantage of the summer activities available to you in your community, but it’s not too late. Many activities, like cycling, hiking and swimming, require little … Read More