Physiotherapy Helped a Canadian Woman Avoid Shoulder Surgery

There are few things more dreadful than having surgery. Not only is it nerve-wracking; it can also be difficult to recover from. Given the choice to have surgery or resolve a health issue via other means, most people would choose the latter. Can Physiotherapy Prevent Surgery? There is a plethora of “remedies” that promise to […]

Do You REALLY Need Steroids for Shoulder Pain?

There are few types of pain more uncomfortable than shoulder pain. Those who develop tendonitis, bursitis, rotator cuff problems, etc., know all too well the familiar aches of shoulder pain. Individuals dealing with such pain are often willing to do almost anything to ease it. The Trouble With Steroids In an attempt to control shoulder […]

Neck pain and your upper traps

It is just too easy to blame the upper trapezius for our neck soreness, tightness, and pain. But these muscles may be getting a bad reputation that is unjustified. Like most muscles in our body, the upper traps do not just become tight without any provocation or underlying reason. What is your upper trapezius? The […]