Physiotherapist Rhea Dufort Reveals What Only PTs Know

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“Why should I get physiotherapy?” “How can I prevent injuries this winter?” “What questions should I ask my physiotherapist?” “What questions will my physiotherapist ask me in our first session?” If you’ve ever asked yourself (or the Internet) questions like these about physiotherapy, you are not alone. In your searching, what you’ve probably found is that there is only so … Read More

Elite Sports Injury Clinics’ PT Megan Ferrone Explains Why Physiotherapy is for Everyone

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Have you ever considered making physiotherapy part of your life? If not, why? If you are like most people who have never contacted a physiotherapy clinic to set up an evaluation, you assume that physiotherapy is only for the injured. This is a common misconception. The truth is that physiotherapy can benefit most people, whether they are injured or able-bodied. … Read More