Preventing Falls: A 3-Step Guide for Seniors

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illustration of someone falling down stairs preventing falls seniors

20 to 30 percent of Canadian seniors fall each year, meaning falls are the number one cause of injury in older Canadians (1). Falls often lead to hospitalization and surgery. Injuries caused by falls are not only difficult for those who are personally affected; they also cause financial stress for the economy and are emotionally draining for caretakers.  More Than … Read More

Interview with Elite Sports Injury Clinic Physiotherapist Trevor Horvath

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Wouldn’t it be great if you could read an uncensored interview with a healthcare professional before you decided to work with him or her? We think it would. That’s why we at Elite Sports Injury Physiotherapy Clinic are publishing monthly interviews with our staff members. We want you to get to know the incredible team that makes Elite what it … Read More