Treating Childhood Arthritis with Physiotherapy

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If you were asked to imagine someone who suffers from arthritis, what image would come to your mind? Would you envision an older individual, somewhat hunched over in posture, perhaps holding his or her back as if in pain? If so, you’d be in good company — most people consider arthritis to be a disease of the elderly. Although it’s … Read More

Getting (and Staying) Fit Is Easier Than You Think

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If someone were to ask you to envision yourself physically fit, what would you see? Would you see yourself having chiseled legs, rock-hard abs and arms of steel? Or, would you envision yourself with a smile on your face, at a healthy weight, getting sufficient physical exercise each day? Most people would probably imagine the first scenario. It is the … Read More

Physiotherapy Can Help You Physically AND Mentally

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What benefits do you believe a person can reap from physiotherapy? Better posture? Decreased back pain? Recovery from injury? While physiotherapy can certainly help a person in these physical ways, it can also benefit someone mentally and emotionally. The Physical Benefits of Physiotherapy As mentioned above, physiotherapy is a powerful treatment for physical conditions. The Ontario Physiotherapy Association says, “Physiotherapy … Read More

Physiotherapy Promotes Recovery from a Stroke

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There are few things as life-altering as experiencing a stroke. A stroke damages a person’s brain, causing different types of disabilities and handicaps. For example, difficulty swallowing, problems with balance, difficulty modulating emotions, poor memory, confusion, having trouble controlling the bladder, paralysis, numbness in some parts of the body, and difficulty standing, walking or sitting can ALL be direct results … Read More

Can Physiotherapy Heal Headaches?

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How often do you suffer with a headache that just won’t let up? Dull or shooting, headache pain is one of the worst, most-dreaded types of pain. No doubt you’ve taken your fair share of over-the-counter painkillers in hopes of experiencing pain relief. Or, like thousands of others, perhaps you’ve taken prescription painkillers for your headaches and STILL not gotten … Read More

Why Sit Ups Are So Bad For You

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Sit ups have historically been touted as an important part of a person’s exercise routine. After all, sit ups will chisel your abs fast, right? Wrong. Not only are sit ups not the most effective exercise for building abdominal strength; they are also flat out bad for your back. How Sit Ups Damage Your Body Sit ups do not live … Read More

The Right and Wrong Way To Stretch Tight Muscles

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Are your muscles stiff and achy? Are you frustrated by decreased range of motion? If so, there’s a good chance that your muscles are too tight. Most people don’t think of stretching as a first line of defense against pain, but it can be. When done correctly, stretching can lengthen your muscles and relieve annoying aches and pains. The question … Read More

5 Back-Saving Tips for People Who Sit at a Desk All Day

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Having a desk job can be less than thrilling. Not only does such a job usually require long hours of staring into a computer screen; it also prevents movement (except, of course, typing and pushing a mouse around). This restriction of movement can eventually take its toll on a person’s back. Why Does Sitting Increase Back Pain? Some people are … Read More