Dr. Neil Craton, one of the longest standing sports medicine doctors in Manitoba, countless experiences and stories to tell.

Most people are relatively comfortable speaking about their physical challenges, which provide plentiful, diverse, challenging obstacles over the course of our lives.  Meanwhile most people are relatively uncomfortable having similar conversations about what is going on with their mental and emotional challenges.  We often compare the complexities of mental wellness to the complexities of physical […]

11 Hot Tips for Running in Winter

Don’t let falling temperatures and dwindling daylight discourage you from keeping up with your running routine. Running in cold weather can help shake the winter blues, increase your energy level and ensure you’re in ideal shape when bathing suit season rolls back around. The following are some winter running tips to keep you safe and educated during the harsh Winnipeg winter.

Low Impact Summer Activities

Summer is coming to an end but there is still time to get outside and enjoy this sunny season and all of the fun, low impact activities it has to offer. Perhaps you haven’t taken advantage of the summer activities available to you in your community, but it’s not too late. Many activities, like cycling, […]